Predloga:Koord novi

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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

Hitri vodič[uredi kodo]

Hitri vidič kako
To add 57°18′22″N 4°27′32″W / 57.30611°N 4.45889°W / 57.30611; -4.45889 to the top of an article, use {{Koord novi}}, thus:
{{Koord novi|57|18|22|N|4|27|32|W|display=title}}

These coordinates are in degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc.

"title" means that the coordinates will be displayed next to the article's title at the top of the page and before any other text or images.

To add 44°06′43″N 87°54′47″W / 44.112°N 87.913°W / 44.112; -87.913 to the top of an article, use either
{{Koord novi|44.112|N|87.913|W|display=title}}

(which does not require minutes or seconds but does require the user to specify north/ south and east/west) or

{{Koord novi|44.112|-87.913|display=title}}

(in which the north and east are presumed by positive values while the south and west are negative ones) These coordinates are in decimal degrees.

  • Degrees, minutes and seconds, when used, must each be separated by a pipe ("|").
  • Map datum must be WGS84 (except for off-earth bodies).
  • Avoid excessive precision (0.0001° is <11 m, 1″ is <31 m).
  • Maintain consistency of decimal places or minutes/ seconds between latitude and longitude.
  • Latitude (N/S) must appear before longitude (E/W).
Optional coordinate parameters follow the longitude and are separated by an underscore ("_"):

Other optional parameters are separated by a pipe ("|"):

  • display
    |display=inline (the default) to display in the body of the article only,
    |display=title to display at the top of the article only, or
    |display=inline,title to display in both places.
  • name
    name=X to label the place on maps (default is PAGENAME)

Thus: {{Koord novi|44.117|-87.913|dim:30_region:US-WI_type:event

|display=inline,title|name=accident site}}

Use |display=title (or |display=inline,title) once per article, for the subject of the article, where appropriate.

Namen[uredi kodo]

{{Koord novi}} provides a standard notation for encoding locations by their latitude and longitude coordinates. It is primarily for specifying the WGS84 geographic coordinates of locations on Earth, at the same time emitting a machine-readable Geo microformat. However, it can also encode locations on natural satellites, dwarf planets, and planets other than Earth.

See also en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates.

Features[uredi kodo]

Latitude and longitude may be specified (with appropriate precision) either in decimal notation or as degrees/minutes/seconds. By default, coordinates appear in the format used to specify them. However, the format= parameter can be used to force display in a particular format. The template also accepts and displays coordinates formatted as degrees and decimal minutes as found on charts and maritime references.

The template displays the formatted coordinates with a hyperlink to GeoHack. GeoHack displays information customized to the location, including links to external mapping services.

For terrestrial locations, a blue globe () appears to the left of the hyperlink. Clicking on the globe activates the WikiMiniAtlas (requires JavaScript).

By default, coordinates appear "in line" with the adjacent text. However, the display= parameter can be used to move the coordinates up near the page title—or display them in both places at once.

The template outputs coordinates in three formats:

  • Degree/minutes/seconds ("DMS", precision is degrees, or degrees/minutes, or degrees/minutes/seconds, based on input precision).
  • Decimal degrees (varying the number of decimal places based on input precision)
  • A machine readable Geo microformat.

Logged-in users can customize how coordinates appear in their browsers.

You can extract information from the Coord template for use in mathematical expressions. For details, see Modul:Coordinates novi.

Caveats[uredi kodo]

The template must not be modified without prior discussion.

Tools which read Wikipedia database dumps (such as Google Earth) often ignore inline coordinates. To ensure that coordinates are seen by these tools, one set should be displayed beside the title. See How do I get my Wikipedia article to show up in the Google Earth Geographic Web layer?[mrtva povezava]. However, if multiple title coordinates appear on a single page, they will overlap, making them illegible.

Superseded templates[uredi kodo]

This single template supersedes {{coor d}}, (and others in that family which have since been redirected to it), plus the Geolinks and Mapit templates. Most parameters can be used as before – see Usage.


{{koord novi|10.2|N|-20.3|E|type:city}}Replaces {{coor d|10.2|N|-20.3|E|city}}
{{koord novi|44.4|-111.1|type:city_region:US|display=inline,title}}Replaces {{Geolinks-US-cityscale|44.4|-111.1}}
{{koord novi|51.01234|-1.56789|type:landmark_region:GB|display=inline,title}}Replaces {{Geolinks-UK-buildingscale|51.01234|-1.56789}}
{{koord novi|-35.5|150.1|type:landmark_region:AU|display=inline,title}}Replaces {{Mapit-AUS-suburbscale|lat=-35.5|long=150.1}}
{{koord novi|12|34|12|N|45|33|45|W|display=title}}Replaces {{CoorHeader|12|34|12|N|45|33|45|W}}

Usage[uredi kodo]

{{koord novi|latitude|longitude|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{koord novi|dd|N/S|dd|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{koord novi|dd|mm|N/S|dd|mm|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{koord novi|dd|mm|ss|N/S|dd|mm|ss|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}

The hemisphere identifiers (N/S) and (E/W), if used, must be adjacent to the enclosing pipe "|" characters, and cannot be preceded or succeeded by spaces.

There are two kinds of parameters, all optional:

  • Coordinate parameters are parameters that {{koord novi}} passes to the map server. These have the format parameter:value and are separated from each other by the underscore character ( _ ). The supported coordinate parameters are dim:, globe:, region:, scale:, source:, and type:. See coordinate parameters for details and examples.
  • Template parameters are parameters used by the {{koord novi}} template. These have format parameter=value and are separated from each other by the pipe character ( | ). The supported template parameters are display=, format=, name=, and notes=.
  • display= can be one of the following:
  • display=inline – Display the coordinate inline (default)
  • display=title – Display the coordinate at the top of the article, beside the article's title (replaces {{coor title dms}} family)
    • shortcut: display=t
  • display=inline,title – Display the coordinate both inline and beside the article's title (replaces {{coor at dms}} family)
    • shortcut: display=it
  • display=title,inline has the same effect as display=inline,title
Note: the title attribute indicates that the coordinates apply to the entire article, and not just one of (perhaps many) places mentioned in it — so it should only be omitted in the latter case.
  • format= can be used to force dec or dms coordinate display.
  • format=dec reformats the coordinates to decimal degrees format.
  • format=dms reformats the coordinates to degrees | minutes | seconds format.
  • name= can be used to annotate inline coordinates for display in map services such as the WikiMiniAtlas. If omitted, the article's title (PAGENAME) is assumed.
Note: a name= parameter causes {{koord novi}} to emit an hCard microformat using that name, even if used within an existing hCard. Do not use when the name is that of a person (e.g for a gravesite), as the generated hCard would be invalid. Also, do not use square brackets in names.
  • notes= specifies text to be displayed immediately following the coordinates. This is primarily intended for adding footnotes to coordinates displayed beside the title.

Pomožne funkcije[uredi kodo]

Pomožne funkcije so na voljo za oblikovanje izhoda iz {{Koord novi}}, ko se pojavi znotraj predloge, npr. v infopolju.

Pridobivanje latitude iz predloge Koord novi extract[uredi kodo]


{{#invoke:coordinates novi|coord2text|{{koord novi|57|18|22|N|4|27|32|E}}|lat}} → 57.30611

uporabite {{#invoke:coordinates novi|coord2text|{{koord novi|57|18|22|N|4|27|32|E}}|long}} → 4.45889

Opomba: ta metoda odstrani microformat markup, in naj se ne uporablja znotraj predlog, ki vsebujejp starševske mikroformate, kot so to infopolja in predloge za tabele.

Prikazovanje koordinat na zemljevidu[uredi kodo]

The template {{GeoGroup}} can be used in an article with coordinates. This template creates links to mapping services which display all the coordinates on a single map, and links to other services which allow the coordinates to be used or downloaded in a variety of formats.

Examples[uredi kodo]

{{koord novi|43.651234|-79.383333}} 43°39′04″N 79°23′00″W / 43.651234°N 79.383333°W / 43.651234; -79.383333 Toronto – Fully decimal – western hemisphere implied by negation
{{koord novi|43.65|-79.38}} 43°39′N 79°23′W / 43.65°N 79.38°W / 43.65; -79.38 Toronto – low precision decimal
{{koord novi|43.6500|-79.3800}} 43°39′00″N 79°22′48″W / 43.6500°N 79.3800°W / 43.6500; -79.3800 Toronto – medium precision decimal with trailing zeroes
{{koord novi|43.653500|N|79.384000|W}} 43°39′13″N 79°23′02″W / 43.653500°N 79.384000°W / 43.653500; -79.384000 Toronto – high precision decimal with explicit hemisphere notation
{{koord novi|43|29|N|79|23|W}} 43°29′N 79°23′W / 43.483°N 79.383°W / 43.483; -79.383 Toronto – degrees & minutes
{{koord novi|43|29|13|N|79|23|02|W}} 43°29′4″N 79°23′0″W / 43.48444°N 79.38333°W / 43.48444; -79.38333 Toronto – degrees, minutes & seconds
{{koord novi|43|29|12.6|N|79|23|02.4|W}} 43°29′12.6″N 79°23′02.4″W / 43.486833°N 79.384000°W / 43.486833; -79.384000 Toronto – degrees, minutes, seconds & fractions of seconds
{{koord novi|55.752222|N|37.615556|E}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222°N 37.615556°E / 55.752222; 37.615556 Moscow – N & E
{{koord novi|55.752222|N|37.615556|E|format=dms}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222°N 37.615556°E / 55.752222; 37.615556 Convert to dms format
{{koord novi|39.098095|-94.587307|format=dms}} 39°05′53″N 94°35′14″W / 39.098095°N 94.587307°W / 39.098095; -94.587307 Decimal conversion without N/S/E/W
{{koord novi|55.752222|N|37.615556|E|format=dec|name=Moscow}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222°N 37.615556°E / 55.752222; 37.615556 (Moscow) Convert to decimal and label on some maps
{{koord novi|33|55|S|18|25|E}} 33°55′S 18°25′E / 33.917°S 18.417°E / -33.917; 18.417 Cape Town – S & E
{{koord novi|35|00|N|105|00|E}} 35°00′N 105°00′E / 35.000°N 105.000°E / 35.000; 105.000 People's Republic of China
{{koord novi|22|54|30|S|43|14|37|W}} 22°54′30″S 43°14′37″W / 22.90833°S 43.24361°W / -22.90833; -43.24361 Rio – S & W
{{koord novi|22|S|43|W}} 22°S 43°W / 22°S 43°W / -22; -43 A degree confluence.
{{koord novi|52|28|N|1|55|W|region:GB_type:city|notes=<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Birmingham}}</ref>|display=inline,title}} 52°28′N 1°55′W / 52.467°N 1.917°W / 52.467; -1.917[1]Koordinati: 52°28′N 1°55′W / 52.467°N 1.917°W / 52.467; -1.917[1] Birmingham – with display, notes, and parameter settings; note that these coordinates are also displayed at the top of this page.
{{koord novi|51|25.813|N|0|43.945|E}} 51°25.813′N 0°43.945′E / 51.430217°N 0.732417°E / 51.430217; 0.732417 Navigation buoy in the River Medway, England.
{{koord novi|51|36.287|N|8|32.018|W}} 51°36.287′N 8°32.018′W / 51.604783°N 8.533633°W / 51.604783; -8.533633 Lighthouse at the Old Head of Kinsale as defined by the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

References[uredi kodo]

  1. »Birmingham«.

Coordinate parameters[uredi kodo]

The first unnamed parameter following the longitude is an optional string of coordinate parameters, separated by underscores. These parameters help GeoHack select suitable map resources, and they will become more important when Wikimaps becomes fully functional.

type:T[uredi kodo]

Določa tip lokacije, ki bo uporabljena za povratno kartiranje točk. Tip določa privzeto merilo. Če privzeto merilo zemljevida ni ustrezno, lahko dodaš parameter scale:N.

Uporablja se tudi pri izbiri markerjev za WikiMiniAtlas.

Tipi so:

Tip Opis Merilo
country (e.g. "type:country") 1:10,000,000
satellite geostacionarni sateliti 1:10,000,000
adm1st Upravne enote države, 1. nivo (pokrajina, država), glej seznam, e.g. statistične regije Slovenije 1:1,000,000
adm2nd Upravne enote države, 2. nivo, glej seznam, e.g. občine v Sloveniji 1:300,000
adm3rd Upravne enote države, 3. nivo, glej seznam 1:100,000
state Bivša država ali upravna enota v državi, nedoločen nivo (1:100,000)
city(pop) Kraj, mesto ali vas z določeno populacijo. Vejice bo prezrta pri pop. Ne sme biti presledkov. 1:30,000 ... 1:300,000
city Kraj, mesto ali vas z nedoločeno populacijo. Obravnavano bo kot manjše mesto. 1:100,000
airport 1:30,000
mountain vrhovi, gorske verige 1:100,000
isle otočja, otoki 1:100,000
waterbody zalivi, fjordi, jezera, rezervoarji, bazeni, ozki zalivi, morski zalivi, ribniki, lagune, estuariji, celinska morja... 1:100,000
forest Gozdovi in gozdnate pokrajine 1:50,000
river reke in kanali 1:100,000
glacier ledeniki 1:50,000
event enkratni ali rednih dogodki in incident, ki so se zgodili na določeni lokaciji, na primer bitke. 1:50,000
edu šole, univerze 1:10,000
pass gorski prelazi 1:10,000
railwaystation postaje in železniška postajališča, vlak, proga, podzemne železnice, itd. 1:10,000
landmark kulturni spomenik, zgradba posebnega pomena, turistična atrakcija in druge zanimive točke. 1:10,000
Privzeto merilo: če ni uporabljen noben tip ali tip ni definiran v geohack extension 1:300,000

Merila v oklepaju še niso definirana v geohack extension. Definicija tipa:state was changed.


scale:N[uredi kodo]

Določa ustrezno merilo zemljevida kot je 1:N. Ta vrednost prepiše merilo določeno s parametrom type:T. Če tip in merilo nista definirana, bo uporabljeno privzeto merilo(1:300,000).

Scale: parameter je lahko izpuščen.

Scale Markup Rezultat
1:1000 {{koord|51.500611|N|0.124611|W|scale:1000}} 51°30′02″N 0°07′29″W / 51.500611°N 0.124611°W / 51.500611; -0.124611
1:10,000 {{koord|51.500611|N|0.124611|W|scale:10000}} 51°30′02″N 0°07′29″W / 51.500611°N 0.124611°W / 51.500611; -0.124611
1:100,000 {{koord|51.500611|N|0.124611|W|scale:100000}} 51°30′02″N 0°07′29″W / 51.500611°N 0.124611°W / 51.500611; -0.124611
1:1,000,000 {{koord|51.500611|N|0.124611|W|scale:1000000}} 51°30′02″N 0°07′29″W / 51.500611°N 0.124611°W / 51.500611; -0.124611

Če so povezave do spletnih strani zemljevidov pravilno nastavljene na GeoTemplate in je zemljevid razpoložljiv za to merilo, se ustrezni zemljevid lahko prikaže.

dim:D[uredi kodo]

The dim: parameter defines the diameter of a viewing circle centered on the coordinate. While the default unit of measurement is metres, the km suffix may be appended to indicate kilometres.

GeoHack uses dim: to select a map scale such that the viewing circle appears roughly 10 cm (4 in) in diameter on a 72 dpi computer monitor. If no dim:, type:, or scale: parameters are provided, GeoHack uses its default viewing circle of 30 km (19 mi).

Subject View diameter Markup Result
Zahodna hemisfera 10.000 km (6.200 mi) {{coord|0|N|90|W|dim:10000km}} 0°N 90°W / 0°N 90°W / 0; -90
Ohio 400 km (250 mi) {{coord|40.5|-82.5|dim:400km}} 40°30′N 82°30′W / 40.5°N 82.5°W / 40.5; -82.5
Dresden 20.000 m (12 mi) {{coord|51.03|13.73|dim:20000}} 51°02′N 13°44′E / 51.03°N 13.73°E / 51.03; 13.73
Kip svobode 100 m (330 ft) {{coord|40.6892|-74.0445|dim:100}} 40°41′21″N 74°02′40″W / 40.6892°N 74.0445°W / 40.6892; -74.0445
region:R[uredi kodo]

Parameter region: opredeljuje politično regijo za zemeljske koordinat. Uporablja se za izbiro ustreznih virov zemljevida. Če parameter region: ni opredeljen, GeoHack sam poskusi določiti regijo s pomočjo podanih koordinat.

Regeja mora biti opredeljena dvočrkovna ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 koda države ali ISO 3166-2 koda regije.

Primeri ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 kod:

Primeri ISO 3166-2 kod:

Oceani imajo sledeče dodeljne Wiki kode glede na de:Vorlage:Coordinate#Ozeane.

  • XN Arktični ocean
  • XA Atlantski ocean
  • XI Indijski ocean
  • XP Pacifik
  • XS Južni ocean

Poleg tega se lahko z {{koord}} uporabljata dva Wiki dodeljena elementa:

  • XZ za objekte v ali nad mednarodnimi vodami (podobno UN/LOCODE).
  • ZZ za uporabo v primerih.
Focus region Region Markup Rezultat
Švica CH  {{koord|46.9524|N|7.4396|E|region:CH}}  46°57′09″N 7°26′23″E / 46.9524°N 7.4396°E / 46.9524; 7.4396
Berlin, Nemčija DE-BE  {{koord|52.5164|N|13.3775|E|region:DE-BE}}  52°30′59″N 13°22′39″E / 52.5164°N 13.3775°E / 52.5164; 13.3775
globe:G[uredi kodo]

Določa planet, pritlikavi planet, asteroid ali naravni satelit na podlagi katerega temeljijo koordinate. Prednastavljena vrednost je earth, toda predloga prepozna tudi sledeče vrednosti: mercury, venus, moon, mars, phobos, deimos, ceres, vesta, ganymede, callisto, io, europa, mimas, enceladus, tethys, dione, rhea, titan, hyperion, iapetus, phoebe, miranda, ariel, umbriel, titania, oberon, triton in pluto.

Subjekt G Označevalec Rezultat
Kittu Crater ganymede {{koord|0.4|N|334.6|W|globe:ganymede}} 0°24′N 334°36′W / 0.4°N 334.6°W / 0.4; -334.6
Viking 2 lander mars {{koord|48.269|N|225.990|W|globe:mars}} 48°16′08″N 225°59′24″W / 48.269°N 225.990°W / 48.269; -225.990
Mozart Crater mercury {{coord|8|N|190.5|W|globe:mercury}} 8°00′N 190°30′W / 8°N 190.5°W / 8; -190.5
Apollo 11 lander moon {{koord|0|40|26.69|N|23|28|22.69|E|globe:moon}} 0°40′26.69″N 23°28′22.69″E / 0.6740806°N 23.4729694°E / 0.6740806; 23.4729694
Ksa Crater titan {{koord|14.0|N|65.4|W|globe:titan}} 14°00′N 65°24′W / 14.0°N 65.4°W / 14.0; -65.4
Venera 13 lander venus {{koord|7.5|S|303|E|globe:venus}} 7°30′S 303°00′E / 7.5°S 303°E / -7.5; 303
Stickney Crater phobos {{koord|1|N|49|W|globe:phobos}} 1°N 49°W / 1°N 49°W / 1; -49

Za globuse, ki niso Zemlja predloga {{koord}} ne prevzena določenega referenčnega sistema (za razliko od Zemljinega WGS84). Ker je prednastavljena vrednost vzhodne zemljepisne dolžine (longituda), mora biti smer |W| opredeljena za globus, ki se merijo v zahodni smeri. trenutno je omogočeno le omejeno kartiranje Marsa in Lune in nič ekstrateritorialnih teles. Za koordineta neba namesto te predloge uporabite uporabite predlogo {{Sky}}.

source:S[uredi kodo]

Opredeljuje vir podatkov in format/podatek vira podatkov, ter opcijsko originalne podatke navedena v oklepajih. Osnovni name tega je za uporabo geotagging robotov, tako da podatki niso slepo kopirani iz enega formata v drug format (iz Wikipedije v Wikipedijo) z naraščajočo izgubo točnosti.


  • Geotag lat/long, ki izhaja iz Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference NM 435 355 najden v angleško govoreči Wikipediji naj bo označen kot "source:enwiki-osgb36(NM435355)"
  • Lokacija lat/long, ki izvira iz podatkov vzetih iz nemško govoreče Wikipedijenaj bo označena kot "source:dewiki" – itd;
  • Lokacija, katere vir je javna podatkovna domena GeoNet Names Server naj bo označena kot "source:GNS". Navajati ni potrebno informacije o podatku ali formatu, ker so prednastavljeno vse koordinate v Wikipediji v formatu latituda/longituda in bazirajo na WGS84 podatkih. Prav tako, US lokacije, katerih vir je javna podatkovna domena GNIS naj bo označena kot "source:GNIS".

Per-user display customization[uredi kodo]

To always display coordinates as DMS values, add this to your common.css:

.geo-default { display: inline }
.geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: none }
.geo-dms { display: inline }

To always display coordinates as decimal values, add this to your common.css:

.geo-default { display: inline }
.geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: inline }
.geo-dms { display: none }

To display coordinates in both formats, add this to your common.css:

.geo-default { display: inline }
.geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: inline }
.geo-dms { display: inline }
.geo-multi-punct { display: inline }

If CSS is disabled, or you have an old copy of MediaWiki:Common.css cached, you will see both formats. (You can either clear your cache or manually refresh this URL: [1].)

To disable display of the blue globe adjacent to coordinates, add this to your common.js

var wma_settings = {enabled:false}

Note that this will disable WikiMiniAtlas

See also Wikipedija:Slogovni priročnik/datumi in števila#Geografske koordinate.

Incorrect uses and maintenance categories[uredi kodo]

The template has some input checks built in. Most errors display a bold, red message inline and categorize the article in the hidden maintenance category Strani z napačno oblikovanimi koordinatami. There are currently 36 pages in that category. See the category description for further instructions.

Internals[uredi kodo]

See Predloga:Koord novi/dok/internals and Kategorija:Koord predloge.

Subtemplates[uredi kodo]

The following templates are "subroutines" of {{Coord}}. Separating them out drastically reduces the pre-expand size of {{Coord}}. They shouldn't be invoked directly.

name function
{{Coord/display/inline}} displays coordinates inline
{{Coord/display/inline,title}} displays coordinates inline and above the article
{{Coord/display/title}} displays coordinates above the article (generally to the right of the article's title)
{{Coord/link}} generates microformats and link to GeoHack
{{Coord/input/dec}} reads coordinates in decimal degrees {{Coord|12|-12}}
{{Coord/input/d}} reads coordinates in decimal degrees with directional letters {{Coord|12|N|12|W}}
{{Coord/input/dm}} reads coordinates in degrees/minutes format {{Coord|12|12|N|12|12|W}}
{{Coord/input/dms}} reads coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds format {{Coord|12|12|12|N|12|12|12|W}}
{{Coord/input/ERROR}} generates error message if the inputs do not match any of the above formats
{{Coord/input/error2}} generates error message for range checks and such
{{Coord/input/nolat}} generates error message for missing latitude
{{Coord/negzeropad}} pads a positive number with trailing zeroes until it matches the precision of a negative number
{{Coord/prec dec}} selects a format for converting decimal degrees, based on the precision of the inputs

Coordinates in PDF[uredi kodo]

For generating PDF, printed books, and Open Office export format, two templates are substituted for the regular templates:

Samples are available at:

Class names[uredi kodo]

The class names geo, latitude and longitude are used to generate the microformat and MUST NOT be changed.

Template Data[uredi kodo]

Ta predloga uporablja preveliko število podpredlog in ne deluje dobro z VisualEditor/TemplateData. Razmislite o uporabi "Uredi kodo" namesto VisualEditorja, dokler ta pomanjkljivost ne bo odpravljena. Medtem lahko v VisualEditorju razmislite o uporabi {{koordDec}} za decimalne stopinje s predznakom, {{koordDMS}} ko stopinje in sekunde niso specificirane, in {{coordDM}} ko so podane le stopinje in minute.

To je dokumentacija TemplateData za predlogo, ki jo uporabljajo Vizualni urejevalnik in druga orodja; glejte mesečno poročilo o uporabi parametrov za to predlogo.

TemplateData za Koord novi

Zagotavlja prikaz zemljepisne širine in dolžine določene lokacije, zagotavlja povezavo na zemljevid. Ta predloga ne deluje dobro z [[Wikipedija:VisualEditor/TemplateData|VisualEditorjem]]. Razmislite o uporabi {{tl|koordDec}} za decimalne stopinje s predznakom, koordDMS ko stopinje in sekunde niso specificirane, coordDM ko so podane le stopinje in minute. Za uporabo te predloge morate uporabljati nepoimenovane parametre po tejle shemi: {{koord novi| D | M | S | NS | D | M | S | EW | geo | opts}}, {{koord novi | D | M | NS | D | M | EW | geo | opts}}, {{koord novi | D| NS | D| EW | geo | opts}} {{koord novi | sD | sD | geo | opts}} kjer so D stopinje, M is minute, S sekunde, sD decimalne stopinje s predznakom, NS je N ali S, EW je E ali W, opts so poimenovani parametri in geo so parametri koordinat opisani na glavni dok strani.

Parametri predloge[Urejanje podatkov predloge]


Ali stopinje zemljepisne širine ali decimalne stopinje zemljepisne širine s predznakom


Ali: minute zemljepisne širine ali decimalne minute zemljepisne širine s predznakom; ali 'N' ali 'S'.


Ali: sekunde zemljepisne širine, stopinje zemljepisne dolžine, 'N' ali 'S' ali GeoHack parametri


Ali: stopinje zemljepisne dolžine, 'N', 'S', 'E' ali 'W' ali GeoHack parametri


Ali: stopinje zemljepisne dolžine, minute zemljepisne dolžine ali GeoHack parametri


Ali: minute zemljepisne dolžine, 'E' ali 'W' ali GeoHack parametri


Ali sekunde zemljepisne dolžine, ali GeoHack parametri


'E' ali 'W'.


GeoHack parametri. Npr: dim:30_region:US-WI_type:event


Kje se koordinati izpišeta. Možnosti: 'inline' v telesu članka, 'title' na vrhu članka ali oboje 'inline,title'


oznaka, ki se izpiše na zemljevidu (prednastavljeno je PAGENAME)


besedilo izpisano takoj izza koordinat


Kako se koordinati izpišeta, ali 'dec' ali 'dms'