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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

Uporaba[uredi kodo]

{{Infopolje Spletišče
| name         = 
| logo         = 
| logocaption  = 
| screenshot   = 
| collapsible  = 
| collapsetext = 
| caption      = 
| url          = <!--{{URL|}} -->
| slogan       = 
| commercial   = 
| type         = 
| registration = 
| language     = 
| num_users    = 
| content_license = 
| content_licence = 
| programming language = 
| owner           = 
| author          = 
| editor          = 
| launch_date     = <!--{{Start date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|df=yes/no}}-->
| alexa           = 
| revenue         = 
| current_status  = 
| footnotes       = 

Parametri[uredi kodo]

All parameters are optional. Do not link to an article more than once within the infobox.

Parameter Razlaga
name The website's most recognizable name.
logo The website logo.
logocaption Caption for the logo.
screenshot A screenshot of the homepage, see: Example 1.
collapsible Whether the screenshot should be collapsed/visible at page load.
collapsetext Text for the header of the collapsed section, defaults to 'Screenshot'
caption Caption saying screenshot of <website name> as of <date>
url The most used URL of the website, check Alexa if needed.
slogan The slogan of the website.
commercial Is the site commercially run/owned? (yes/no)
type The type of website.
registration Is there registration? (none/optional/required)
language The language(s) the website is available in.
num_users The number of registered user the website has.
content_license or content_licence The license of the content of the site.
programming language Programming language written or coding done for the website.
owner The current owner, company name/persons name/alias, etc.
author The person or entity that writes for the website.
editor The person or entity that edits the website.
launch_date When the website was launched, check the WHOIS database, if needed.
alexa The website's current Alexa ranking (find on; make sure to cite Alexa's page for this info.)
  • Put {{Increase}} (Rast) OR {{Steady}} (Stagnacija) OR {{Decrease}} (Upad) BEFORE the ranking number to indicate the change of ranking compared with the previous month.
  • Mention the date of putting the ranking number AFTER the ranking number. Put the date in parenthesis, for example: (July 2012). If you update the ranking number, update the date as well.
  • At User talk:OsamaK/AlexaBot.js you can request that a bot will monthly update the rank.
revenue The approximate revenue of the site.
current_status Is the site online/offline/sold? Used for major transitions only, not for short term outages or other temporary situations.
footnotes Related footnotes.

Primer[uredi kodo]

A white sphere made of large jigsaw pieces. Letters from several alphabets are shown on the pieces.
Wikipedia wordmark
The logo of Wikipedia, a globe featuring glyphs from several writing systems
Zaslonski posnetek
Wikipedia's homepage with links to many languages.
Screenshot of Wikipedia's multilingual portal.
SloganThe Free Encyclopedia
VrstaInternet encyclopedia
RegistracijaOptional, but is required for certain tasks such as editing protected pages, creating pages in English Wikipedia and uploading files
Jezik(i):275 active editions (285 in total)
Uporabniki35 million (total registered in all editions)[1]
Vsebina dovoljenjaCreative Commons Attribution/
(most text also dual-licensed under GFDL)
Media licensing varies
LastnikWikimedia Foundation (non-profit)
AvtorJimmy Wales, Larry Sanger[2]
ObjavljenoPredloga:Start date and years ago
Alexa rangStagnacija 6 (January 2013)[3]
{{Infobox website
| name = Wikipedia
| logo = [[File:Wikipedia-v2-logo.svg|frameless|150px|alt=A white sphere made of large jigsaw pieces. Letters from several alphabets are shown on the pieces.]]<br />[[File:Wikipedia wordmark.svg|150px|Wikipedia wordmark]]
| logocaption = The [[logo of Wikipedia]], a globe featuring [[glyph]]s from several writing systems
| screenshot = [[ screenshot 2018.png|border|300px|alt=Wikipedia's homepage with links to many languages.]]
| collapsible = yes
| caption = Screenshot of Wikipedia's multilingual portal.
| url = {{URL|}}
| slogan = The Free Encyclopedia
| commercial = No
| type = [[Internet encyclopedia]]
| registration = Optional, but is required for certain tasks such as editing protected pages, creating pages in English Wikipedia and uploading files
| language = 275 active editions (285 in total)
| num_users = 35 million (total registered in all editions)<ref>[[meta:List of Wikipedias#Grand Total|Grand Total]]. June 10, 2012. Retrieved June 11, 2012.</ref>
| content license = {{nobr|[[Creative Commons licenses|Creative Commons Attribution/<br />Share-Alike]] 3.0}} (most text also dual-licensed under [[GFDL]])<br />Media licensing varies
| owner = [[Wikimedia Foundation]] (non-profit)
| author = [[Jimmy Wales]], [[Larry Sanger]]<ref name=Sidener>{{cite news|url=|author=Jonathan Sidener|title=Everyone's Encyclopedia|work=[[U-T San Diego]]|accessdate=15. oktober 2006}}</ref>
| launch date = {{Start date and years ago|mf=yes|2001|1|15}}
| alexa = {{Steady}} 6 ({{as of|2013|1|5|alt=January 2013}})<ref name="alexa">{{cite web|url= |title= Site Info | publisher= [[Alexa Internet]] |accessdate= 2013-01-05}}</ref><!--Updated monthly by OKBot.-->
| current status = Active

References[uredi kodo]

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