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The template {{IPA link}} takes an IPA symbol and turns it into a link to the respective article which discusses the sound the symbol represents.

Versions with defined brackets are also available:

  • For phonetic representations, {{IPAblink}} encloses the link in square brackets: [a]
  • For phonemic representations, {{IPAslink}} encloses the link in slashes: /a/
  • For orthographic representations, {{IPAalink}} encloses the link in angle brackets: ⟨a

Another version is {{IPAplink}}, which encloses the link in neither brackets nor <span>...</span>, which is useful if the link is already inside {{IPA}}, avoiding superfluous nesting of the same class.

Usage[uredi kodo]

First parameter (required): any IPA symbol.

  • {{IPA link|m}}m
  • {{IPA link|ɡb}}ɡb

Second parameter: changes the label of the wikilink.

Audio link

|audio=yes adds a link to the corresponding audio file:

If the value in |audio= is not "yes", "y", "true", etc., it is treated as the name of an audio file:

  • {{IPA link|ɽ|audio=Retroflex flaps.ogg}}ɽ (O tem zvoku poslušaj)

If the audio file is not specified at Module:IPA symbol/data, the link will not appear:

  • {{IPA link|s̬|audio=yes}}


If the IPA symbol is not defined at Module:IPA symbol/data, then an error message is returned and the page will be categorized into Kategorija:Strani z mednarodno fonetično abecedo, ki potrebujejo pozornost.

  • {{IPA link|xyz}}Napaka pri uporabi {{IPA simbola}}: "xyz" ni na seznamu

The error message can be customized in |errortext=. This cancels the addition of the error category. If set to blank, the message will not appear at all.

  • {{IPA link|xyz|errortext=Custom error message}} → Custom error message
  • {{IPA link|xyz|errortext=blank}}

Nobenega opisa.

Parametri predloge

IPA symbol1

IPA symbol whose article to link to

Display text2

Text to show instead of the IPA symbol


Adds a link to sound if available

Error texterrortext

brez opisa


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