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This template provides a simple conversion table from an IPA symbol to a Wikipedia article name. Its direct use is probably not too meaningful, but it can be useful inside other templates, e.g. {{IPA link}}. It is a meta-template.

The resulting article name should exist. The input symbol may be multiple characters.

Usage[uredi kodo]

This template has one parameter that is mandatory. The parameter must be an IPA symbol or a sequence of IPA symbols. A formatting template like {{IPA}} is not necessary.

  • {{IPA symbol|m}} → Voiced bilabial nasal
  • {{IPA symbol|ɡ͡b}} → Voiced labial–velar plosive

Use output= to specify the type of the output: "name", "symbol", "article", or "audio".

  • {{IPA symbol|t̪|output=name}} → Voiceless dental plosive
  • {{IPA symbol|t̪|output=article}} → Voiceless dental plosive
  • {{IPA symbol|t̪|output=audio}} → Voiceless dental stop.ogg
  • {{IPA symbol|w̥|output=symbol}} → ʍ (returns the primarily defined symbol)

Certain symbols such as the tie bars, length marks, and dotted circle in the input are ignored so long as the rest of the input matches a definition, so that the below do not result in errors even though these individual combinations are not defined in the data.

  • {{IPA symbol|aː}} → Open front unrounded vowel
  • {{IPA symbol|◌ʰ}} → Aspirated consonant

If no direct match is found, the template will then look for the earliest instance of a diacritic in the input string.

  • {{IPA symbol|pʰ}} → Aspirated consonant
  • {{IPA symbol|pʰæ̃}} → Aspirated consonant
  • {{IPA symbol|pæ̃}} → Nasal vowel

A two-character diacritic takes precedence over a one-character one should they be found at the same position.

  • {{IPA symbol|ʰa}} → Aspirated consonant
  • {{IPA symbol|ʰpa}} → Preaspiration

Some symbols in the input are automatically replaced by the more suitable counterparts.

Data[uredi kodo]

The data is stored at Module:IPA symbol/data. It is divided into two groups: "sounds" and "diacritics". If no "article" is specified, the value for "name" will substitute it. A diacritic must be one or two Unicode characters. The data also stores substitution patterns for the input string.

Errors[uredi kodo]

If the input matches no definition in the data, an error message is returned and the page will be categorized into Kategorija:Strani z mednarodno fonetično abecedo, ki potrebujejo pozornost.

  • {{IPA symbol|xyz}}Napaka pri uporabi {{IPA simbola}}: "xyz" ni na seznamu

Optionally, an error text can be altered from the default message to any text by using the second parameter (if set to blank, the message will not appear at all). This cancels the addition of the error category.

  • {{IPA symbol|xyz|unknown}} → unknown
  • {{IPA symbol|xyz|blank}}

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