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sl Uporabnik govori slovenščino kot materni jezik.
en-4 This user speaks English at a near-native level.
ru-1 Этот участник может вносить вклад в данный проект на русском языке начального уровня.


Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted and unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion maybe we'd know some kind of peace... but we would be hollow... Empty rooms shuttered and dank. Without passion we'd be truly dead.

Flag of Europe waving.svg Ta uporabnik je iz Slovenije. Coat of arms of Slovenia.svg

Flag of Ljubljana.svg Uporabnik je iz Ljubljane.

Atom of Atheism-Zanaq.svg Uporabnik je ateist.

Coca cola 1-1-.jpg Ta uporabnik je odločen nasprotnik ameriške politične in kulturne kolonizacije.