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The following categories are automatically generated by {{Infopolje Jezik}} and {{infobox language family}}. They are used to track poorly formatted infoboxes, out-of-date information, unreferenced statistics, and similar problems.

Categories are grouped below under (D) date problems, (E) Ethnologue tracking, (I) ISO tracking, (P) parameter problems, and missing (R) references, (S) speaker data, and (T) language codes. The categories under P, R, S, T should be empty apart from 4 infobox templates which trigger family color codes, and 1 which triggers missing language codes. Other articles occasionally appear here due to editing errors or vandalism. Old speaker data under (D) fills up each year as the data becomes dated. The other categories are populated with some intentional articles that may be useful to keep track of, but unintentional articles may show up due to editing errors or vandalism.


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