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2013: Articles with dates 1983 and older updated with E17. 450 articles remained in this category at that point. Those still 1983 and older (+ all M–N) were (expand list):
Abon language, Agusan language, Aiki language, Aiome language, Akei language, Akolet language, Albarradas Zapotec, Alege language, Aluku, Ampanang language, Andegerebinha dialect, Aoheng language, Aput language, Arawak language, Are language, Asas language, Askopan language, Asmat language, Ati language, Atsam language, Irula language, Bafaw-Balong language, Bah-Biau Punan language, Bai language (South Sudan), Balau language, Baluan-Pam language, Bamayo language, Bambassi language, Bamum language, Bamwe language, Bangandu language, Baniwa language, Bannoni language, Basa-Benue language, Bati language (Cameroon), Bazigar language, Beami language, Bebele language, Bebeli language, Ɓeele language, Belanda Bor language, Belanda Viri language, Bharia language, Bidiyo language, Bikaru language, Bintulu language, Biseni language, Biyom language, Blagar language, Boano language (Maluku), Boghom language, Bomboma language, Bomu language, Bozaba language, Budya language, Bukat language, Burun language, Buryat language, Buso language, Butmas language, Cafundó language, Cahuarano language, Caka language, Central Asian Arabic, Central Yambasa language, Chinook Jargon, Chuave language, Con language, Cuvok language, Daro-Matu language, Dengebu language, Denya language, Deyah language, Dghwede language, Dhalandji language, Dii languages, Dixon Reef language, Doba language, Doso language, Duala language, Duhwa language, Dzando language, Ekpeye language, Elu language (Papua New Guinea), Engenni language, Epie language, Ere language, Ersu language, Ersu languages, Esimbi language, Ewondo language, Ezaa language, Fali languages (Cameroon), Fasu language, Fe'fe' language, Fiwaga language, Foi language, Futop language, Gane language, Gants language, Geko Karen, Ghomala' language, Gidar language, Gimi language, Girawa language, Golin language, Griko language, Guya language, Gwune language, Hahon language, Hakö language, Hendo language, Hindko dialect, Kagani dialect, Hunde language, Hupla language, Idne language, Ikwo language, Isabi language, Isebe language, Izi language, Jere language, Jiba language, Jilu Mandarin, Jimi language (Cameroon), Jur language, Kafoa language, Kaibobo language, Kajakse language, Kajaman language, Kaligi language, Kamantan language, Kambaira language, Kanakuru language, Kapin language, Karas language, Kare language (Papuan), Kasiguranin language, Kayan language (Borneo), Kayaw language, Keiga Jirru language, Kela language, Kele language (Congo), Kele language (New Guinea), Kerewo language, Keyagana language, Khao language, Khe language, Kholok language, Ki language, Kinuku language, Kiorr language, Kirikiri language, Kogo language, Koma language, Kpwe language, Kugbo language, Kujargé language, Kunimaipa language, Kuri language (Austronesian), Kusu language, Kutai Malay, Kwangwa language, Kwasio language, Kwinti language, Kyaka language, Label language, Lachiguiri Zapotec, Lahanan language, Lahta language, Lamogai language, Philippine Hokkien, Lapaguía Zapotec, Latu language, Lauan language, Lavatbura-Lamusong language, Lawangan language, Lawunuia language, Lega language, Leipon language, Lele language (Papua New Guinea), Lele language (Bantu), Lenkau language, Lilau language, Limbum language, Lisabata-Nuniali language, Logorik language, Londo language, Loniu language, Lubu language, Luhu language, Lwalu language, Ma language, Maang language, Maɗa language, Mafa language, Malay trade and creole languages, Malfaxal language, Maltese language, Mama language, Mamaa language, Mandawaca language, Mandi language, Manem language, Mangarayi language, Manipa language, Mapena language, Maringarr language, Marranj language, Marrithiyel language, Marshallese language, Masela language, Mashco Piro language, Mashi language, Matal language, Matmata Berber, Matngele language, Matumbi language, Mbala language, Mbara language, Mbe language, Mbembe language, Mbili-Mbui language, Mbole language, Mbowe language, Mbum language, Mengen language, Mengisa language, Merey language, Mesaka language, Meta' language, Mfumte language, Mgbo language, Minanibai language, Mintil language, Mitla Zapotec, Mlabri language, Modang language, Modole language, Moikodi language, Mokerang language, Mokilese language, Molof language, Monom language, Moresada language, Morigi language, Moro language, Morokodo language, Morouas language, Moru language, Mouk-Aria language, Mount Iriga Agta language, Mpoto language, Mpuono language, Mum language, Mumeng language, Mundang language, Munggui language, Murik Kayan language, Murupi language, Musak language, Musar language, Musgu language, Muyang language, Nafri language, Nagovisi language, Nakama language, Nake language, Nakkara language, Nali language, Narango language, Narim language, Navut language, Ndolo dialect, Ndunga language, Nekgini language, Neko language, Nen language, Nga'ka language, Ngadjunmaya language, Ngalum language, Ngarinyin language, Ngatikese Creole, Ngile language, Ngiyambaa language, Ngombe language (Bantu), Nimi language, Ninam language, Ninzo language, Niuafo'ou language, Nkukoli language, Nkutu language, Noho language, Nokuku language, Nomane language, Nomu language, North Bolivian Quechua, North Frisian language, North Giziga language, North Mofu language, Northern Pwo language, Northern Thai language, Northwest Gbaya language, Ntomba-Bolia language, Nuer language, Nuk language, Numbami language, Nyankpa language, Nyigina language, Nyimang language, Nyole language (Kenya), Nyolge language, Okodia language, Okpamheri language, Okpela language, Omotik language, Opao language, Orokolo language, Owenia language, Pa'O language, Pak-Tong language, Palaung language, Pambia language, Pana language (Gur), Papantla Totonac, Papasena language, Papitalai language, Papuma language, Parawen language, Paulohi language, Paynamar language, Penchal language, Petats language, Phong language, Piamatsina language, Piame language, Tepehua languages, Pogaya language, Ponam language, Ponosakan language, Kiwai language, Psikyɛ dialect, Pulabu language, Punan Merah language, Punan Merap language, Punan Tubu language, Ramopa language, Rapting language, Repanbitip language, Rerep language, Resígaro language, Riantana language, Ribun language, Riung language, Rotokas language, Rushani dialect, S'gaw Karen language, Sabah Bisaya language, Safeyoka language, Sajau Basap language, Sakata language, Salampasu language, Salt-Yui language, Saluan language, Samarokena language, Samberigi language, San Andrés–Providencia Creole, Sanggau language, Sangirese language, Saruga language, Saya language, Sebop language, Sebuyau language, Sekapan language, Sekar language, Seluwasan language, Serili language, Sewa Bay language, Shilluk language, Shina language, Shö language, Shoo-Minda-Nye language, Shughni language, Shuwa-Zamani language, Siang language, Sierra Puebla Nahuatl, Sierra Totonac language, Sileibi language, Sinasina language, Soko language, Solong language, Solos language, Songola language, Sorsoganon language, Southern Alta language, Suau language, Suku language, Sula language, Sulod language, Sumeri language, Taba language, Tabwa language, Tai Lü language, Tai Nüa language, Tambotalo language, Tanimuca-Retuarã language, Tasmate language, Wasembo language, Ternate language, Tese language, Tiang language, Tidore language, Tiene language, Tigon language, Timote language, Tiro language, Tlaxcala–Puebla Nahuatl, Toaripi language, Tobo language, Tokano language, Tombulu language, Tomoip language, Tonsawang language, Torau language, Totela language, Totonac languages, Towei language, Tulu-Bohuai language, Tutoh language, Ufim language, Ukaan language, Ukit language, Ukpe-Bayobiri language, Ukwuani-Aboh-Ndoni language, Uma’ Lasan language, Umpila language, Unserdeutsch language, Urigina language, Uruangnirin language, Utu language, Uyajitaya language, Valpei language, Vemgo-Mabas language, Voko language, Vono language, Vunapu language, Wagaydy language, Waigeo language, Wailapa language, Wandala language, Wanka Quechua, Wanman language, Wantoat language, Wanukaka language, Waube language, Werni language, West Arawe language, West Banda language, West Makian language, Western Fijian language, Wiarumus language, Wik-Me'nh language, Wik-Ngathan language, Wik-Ngatharr dialect, Wiru language, Wovea language, Wuzlam language, Yaaku language, Yabem language, Yaben language, Yagaria language, Yambeta language, Yareba language, Yaur language, Yela language, Yelmek language, Zande language, Zekwe language

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