Kategorija:Članki o jezikih s sklici na Ethnologue 18

Iz Wikipedije, proste enciklopedije

This tracking category is triggered by entering "e18" in the ref field of the language infobox. This is the current edition of Ethnologue.

When there are problems with the data in the 18th edition, references to older editions may be retained. (See the parent category to this page.) This may be done, for example, with undated citations, or where an old edition shows the date or range of estimates of the source, and that info has been lost from recent editions, or where a new source in the latest edition of Ethnologue just cites an old edition of Ethnologue, so we should cite the old edition ourselves.

Because of the simplistic coding of the infobox template, only articles using the shortcut "e18" in the ref field appear here. Articles using actual reference tagging, which may be used e.g. when the citation is for an Ethnologue page other than the one for the ISO code in the info box, will not appear here, but in Kategorija:Članki z ISO jeziki s sklici na druge vire kot je Ethnologue.

All languages citing Ethnologue are being updated to E18, unless there is no date for the figure and it hasn't changed substantially, in which case the oldest edition of Ethnologue with that figure is used as the ref (back to E14).
Extinct languages, and languages citing sources other than Ethnologue, have not (yet) been checked. However, all ISO codes changed from type "extinct" to type "living" between 2008 Jan 14 and 2013 Feb 18 have been verified. (There have been no additional updates of extinct > living as of 2015 Mar 23.)


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