Iz Wikipedije, proste enciklopedije

Hi, I’m Minh Nguyễn, a software developer in the San Francisco Bay Area and Stanford Computer Science alumnus [1] originally from Loveland, Ohio, United States. I volunteer as a bureaucrat at the Vietnamese Wikipedia and Vietnamese Wiktionary, and also as an administrator at the Vietnamese Wikibooks, Vietnamese Wikisource, Meta-Wiki, and Wikipedia 10.

Contributions[uredi | uredi kodo]

Since I don’t speak an incredible amount of Slovene (as you can clearly see to the side), I don’t contribute much in the way of prose here. But I do add little Featured Article stars on interwiki links, to let readers know that we at the Vietnamese Wikipedia also have high-quality articles.

For what it’s worth, before creating this account, the only two Slovene words I knew were Slovenščina and Pogovor, due to reading this blog.

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