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James Pankow
James Pankow.jpg
Pankow in 2008
Osnovni podatki
RojstvoJames Carter Pankow
(1947-08-20) 20. avgust 1947 (72 let)
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Slogirock, adult contemporary, jazz
Glasbilatrombon, klaviature, vokal, tolkala
Leta delovanja1967 (1967)–present
Chicago, Toto, Three Dog Night, Earth, Wind, & Fire, The Doobie Brothers, Bee Gees

James Carter "Jimmy" Pankow (born August 20, 1947) is an American trombone player, songwriter and brass instrument player, best known as a founding member of the rock band Chicago.

Biografija[uredi | uredi kodo]

Early life[uredi | uredi kodo]

Born in St. Louis, Missouri of German and Irish descent, Pankow moved with his family to Park Ridge, Illinois at the age of eight, where he started playing the trombone at St. Paul of the Cross Elementary School.

One of nine siblings, Pankow was influenced by his musician father, Wayne. He is the older brother of veteran actor John Pankow,[1] who appeared on the TV series "Mad About You." His Notre Dame High School band instructor was Father George Wiskirchen, CSC

Pankow earned a full music scholarship to Quincy College, where he studied the bass trombone. After completing his first year, he returned home for the summer and formed a band that began to play some live local shows. Not wanting to give up this work, Pankow transferred to DePaul University.

He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and was given the National Citation as well as recognition as Signature Sinfonian along with fellow Chicago members and Sinfonians on August 26, 2009.[2]

Career[uredi | uredi kodo]

Chicago[uredi | uredi kodo]

At DePaul, Pankow met Walter Parazaider, who recruited him to join a band named The Big Thing, which would become Chicago Transit Authority. Soon after the first album's release, the band's name was shortened to Chicago. Pankow has remained a member of Chicago since its inception.

In addition to playing the trombone, Pankow has composed many songs for Chicago, including the hits "Make Me Smile" and "Colour My World" (both from his suite Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon), "Just You 'N' Me," "(I've Been) Searchin' So Long," "Old Days," "Alive Again," and (with Peter Cetera) "Feelin' Stronger Every Day."

Pankow has also composed most of Chicago's brass arrangements over the years.

Although Pankow is not one of the band's principal vocalists, he sang lead vocals for two Chicago songs: "You Are On My Mind" (from Chicago X, 1976) and "Till the End of Time" (Chicago XI, 1977).

Other[uredi | uredi kodo]

Along with fellow Chicago horns Lee Loughnane and Walter Parazaider, Pankow was featured on Three Dog Night's 1969 #15 hit "Celebrate" and on several tracks of the 1979 Bee Gees' Spirits Having Flown album. Pankow has appeared on several albums for the rock band Toto, including the 1982 Grammy Award winning Toto IV and their 2006 album Falling in Between, for which he composed the brass arrangements and performed on the song "Dying on My Feet".[3]

Personal life[uredi | uredi kodo]

James Pankow and his wife Jeanne Pacelli have two children, Carter (born 1999) and Lilli (born 2002). His marriage to first wife Karen lasted 18 years and produced two children, Jonathan (born 1981) and Sarah (born 1986).

References[uredi | uredi kodo]

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Harvey Mason
Osnovni podatki
RojstvoHarvey William Mason
(1947-02-22) 22. februar 1947 (72 let)
Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S.
SlogiJazz, Smooth Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul, Country, Classical, Latin
PoklicMusician, Producer, Composer
GlasbilaDrums, percussion
Leta delovanja1970–present
ZaložbaArista, Atlantic, Concord
Headhunters, Fourplay, Chameleon Band
Spletna stran[http://www.harveymason.net]

Harvey William Mason (born February 22, 1947) is an American jazz drummer, record producer, and member of the band Fourplay. He has worked with many jazz and jazz fusion artists, including Bob James, Chick Corea, the Brecker Brothers, Chuck Loeb, Nathan East, Lee Ritenour, Herbie Hancock's Headhunters and almost all the Mizell Brothers productions with Donald Byrd, Johnny Hammond, Bobbi Humphrey, and Gary Bartz. He is featured on George Benson's multi-platinum-selling breakthrough jazz to pop crossover album of 1976, Breezin'. Mason is the father of Harvey Mason Jr.

Mason grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey and attended Atlantic City High School.[1]

Career[uredi | uredi kodo]

Starting in 1975, Mason began recording albums as a leader, the first five for Arista Records, which he also produced hiring the cream of the crop of primarily West Coast-based musicians and singers from the jazz, rock, pop, R&B and recording session scenes. In 1979, he had a hit single in dance clubs with "Groovin' You," the title track of his fourth album. It was sampled by house music producer Gusto in his 1996 hit "Disco's Revenge".

Equipment[uredi | uredi kodo]

Mason endorses Canopus drums,[2] Murat Diril cymbals,[3] Remo drumheads, DW pedals, Vic Firth drumsticks[4] and Roc N Soc drum thrones.[5] Mason has his own Vic Firth Harvey Mason signature drumstick [4] and Vic Firth Harvey Mason Chameleon signature drumstick.[4] In the past, he has previously used Gretsch drums,[6] Premier drums,[7] Rogers Drums,[8] Tama drums,[9] Sabian cymbals, Zildjian cymbals,[8] Toca percussion[6] and Gibraltar Hardware.[6]

Discography[uredi | uredi kodo]

As leader[uredi | uredi kodo]

Title Released Label
Marching in the Street 1976 Arista
Earth Mover 1977 Arista
Funk in a Mason Jar 1977 Arista
Groovin' You 1979 Arista
M.V.P 1981 Arista
Stone Mason 1982 Atlantic
Ratamacue 1996 Atlantic
Trios 2003 Video Arts
With All My Heart 2004 RCA
Changing Partners 2012 Video Arts
Chameleon 2014 Concord

With Fourplay

Title Released Label
Fourplay 1991 Warner Bros.
Between the Sheets 1993 Warner Bros.
Elixir 1995 Warner Bros.
The Best of Fourplay 1997 Warner Bros.
4 1998 Warner Bros.
Snowbound 1999 Warner Bros.
Yes, Please! 2000 Warner Bros.
Heartfelt 2002 Bluebird
Journey 2004 Bluebird
X 2006 Bluebird
Energy 2008 Heads Up
Let's Touch the Sky 2010 Heads Up
Esprit de Four 2012 Heads Up
Silver 2015 Heads Up

As sideman[uredi | uredi kodo]

With Larry Carlton

  • Deep into It (2001)
  • I Hear Angels Calling (2006)

With George Benson

With Donald Byrd

With Ron Carter

With Casiopea

With Herbie Hancock

With Gene Harris

With Bobbi Humphrey

With Bob James

  • One (1974)
  • Two (1975)
  • Three (1976)
  • BJ4 (1977)
  • Heads (1977)
  • Hi-Fi (2003)
  • Angels of Shanghai (2006)

With Lee Ritenour

With Stanley Turrentine

With Grover Washington Jr.

With Carole King

With Moacir Santos

With The Brothers Johnson

With Dee Dee Bridgewater

References[uredi | uredi kodo]

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