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This template invokes Modul:Testcase table to create a table of side-by-side testcases comparing two templates.

Usage[uredi kodo]

{{Testcase table
| [parameter] = [value]
| [parameter] = [value]

By default, the templates corresponding to the base page name ({{BASEPAGENAME}}) and its sandbox are used.

{{Testcase table}}'s action may be modified using:

|_template=[page] Use [page] and [page]/sandbox rather than the default {{BASEPAGENAME}} and {{BASEPAGENAME}}/peskovnik.
Use [page1] and [page2] rather than the defaults.
To change one or other of the headings placed above the outputs (_heading1 for lefthand side, _heading2 for right).
|_caption= To change the caption placed above the table (default "Side by side comparison").
|_class=wikitable Use (standard) "wikitable" styling.
|_rowheader= To add a rowheader with column heading specified using |_heading0=.
|_after= Content to be included after each transclusion (e.g. |_after={{lorem}} to check text flow beside/around an infobox or sidebar).

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