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Use this template freely for any drug class article.

Usage[uredi kodo]

The template does not at the current time include summary information about the drug class itself. Instead, it contains a consistent interface to other sources that provide information about the drug class. Don't worry about trying to fill in all the fields – even if you can only get one or two, that still can be useful.

While editing an article about a drug class, copy and paste the following text at the top of the page:

Skupina učinkovin
Biološka tarča{{{Biological_target}}}
Oznaka ATC[[Oznaka ATC {{{ATC_prefix}}}|{{{ATC_prefix}}}]]
Zunanje povezave
Consumer ReportsBest Buy Drugs
WebMDmedicinenet  rxlist
{{Skupina učinkovin
| Name              = <!-- omit to use page name -->
| Image             = 
| Alt               = 
| Caption           = 
| Use               = 
| Biological_target = 
| ATC_prefix        = 
| MeshID            = 
|         = <!-- {{|drug-class|?}} -->
| Consumer_Reports  = 
| medicinenet       = 
| rxlist            =