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About REVISIONUSER[uredi kodo]

{{REVISIONUSER}} is a "magic word" that returns the last person to change an article. On November 14, 2013, this feature was expanded to include {{REVISIONUSER:(article-name)}}, which makes it possible to query who edited any of a number of other articles. This template does not need to be used in place of the magic word normally, but is provided so that a WP:Lua module can use frame:expandTemplate to access this function. (There may well be some other better way to do this).

Example: {{REVISIONUSER|Astronomy}} -> . (i.e. [[User:]])

But you can get this straight from the parser function by typing {{REVISIONUSER:Astronomy}}.

  • There is a Bug in the {{REVISIONUSER}} magic word (tracked in Phabricator as Task T166946) which prevents it from working properly if the user name starts with certain wiki-markup characters such as a * and possible other characters. The work-around is to wrap the call to the magic word with the nowiki function of Module:String2:
    For this page: {{#invoke:String2|nowiki|{{REVISIONUSER}}}} -> TadejM
    For Uporabnik:GeographieMan: {{#invoke:String2|nowiki|{{REVISIONUSER:User:GeographieMan}}}} -> GeographieMan
    or {{#invoke:String2|nowiki|{{REVISIONUSER|Uporabnik:GeographieMan}}}} -> GeographieMan
For consistency with the magic word, this template does not make that adjustment. The assumption is that if you are using frame:expandTemplate you also have the ability to implement code similar to the nowiki function of Modul:String2.

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