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Predloga:Please check ISSN

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[uredi kodo]

This template is used to mark an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) that may not be valid. For example:

{{issn|1234-56789}} {{Please check ISSN}}

The template does not produce any visible change to the article (unless the article is viewed in preview mode):

ISSN 1234-56789

Rather, it adds the article to the hidden maintenance/tracking category: Kategorija:Članki z napačnim ISSN.

In preview mode, it shows the warning message (Opozorilo: Preveri ISSN). This warning is shown only in preview mode.


[uredi kodo]

The optional parameter |reason= simply provides a comment to explain why the ISSN may not be valid. For example:

{{issn|1234-56789}} {{Please check ISSN|reason=Too many digits.}}

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