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To je vzdrževalna kategorija za članke z napačnimi ISSNji. V to kategorijo članke avtomatsko umesti predloga {{Please check ISSN}}, ki se izpiše poleg problematičnega ISSNja.

Članki se lahko umestijo v to kategorijo tudi, ko se uporablja neveljaven ISSN s predlogo {{ISSN}} ali {{ISSN link}}.

The most likely reason is a bad checksum, (see ISSN) which probably means there is a typing error in the ISSN. Also, ISSNs that are not eight digits in a 4-4 pattern (i.e.: ISSN 1234-5678) will return an error message. Use an upper-case "X", not a lower-case "x", if "X" is the final character in the ISSN. The two groups of four characters are joined with a hyphen, not a dash.

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