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Predloga:Medicinski viri

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Uporaba[uredi kodo]

Predloga se uporablja v povezavi z {{Infopolje Medicinsko stanje}} za prikaz parametrov in podatkov, ki so pomembni ampak ne nujni za običajnega bralca. Predlogo umestite v poglavje "Zunanje povezave" izza seznama zunanjih povezav.

Zgledi[uredi kodo]

{{Medicinski viri
| ICD11           = <!-- {{ICD11|Xxx.x}} -->
| ICD10           = <!-- {{ICD10|Xxx.x}} -->
| ICD10CM         = <!-- {{ICD10CM|Xxx.xxxx}} -->
| ICD9            = <!-- {{ICD9|xxx}} -->
| ICDO            = 
| OMIM            = 
| MeshID          = 
| DiseasesDB      = 
| SNOMED CT       =
| Curlie          = 
| MedlinePlus     = 
| eMedicineSubj   = 
| eMedicineTopic  = 
| PatientUK       =
| NCI             = 
| GeneReviewsNBK  = 
| GeneReviewsName = 
| NORD            = 
| GARDNum         = 
| GARDName        = 
| RP              = 
| AO              = 
| WO              = 
| OrthoInfo       = 
| Orphanet        = 
| Scholia         = 
| OB              =

Explanations[uredi kodo]

As a rule of thumb:

  1. Insert the empty version
  2. Click "Show preview" to see which sources are automatically pulled from Wikidata
  3. (Optional) If you know more codes, IDs, etc; add them in the template using their named parameter. Alternatively, consider adding them to the article's "Wikidata item", so that all versions of Wikipedia will automatically benefit.

Empty[uredi kodo]

Adding an empty version of the template relies wholly on Wikidata: {{Medical resources}}

Selective suppression[uredi kodo]

You can suppress parameters with blank parameters or local knowledge. This method is also reliant wholly on Wikidata, except the suppressed or overwritten parameters:

  • Blank parameter: {{Medical resources |PatientUK= |MeshID= |NCI=}}
  • Local knowledge override: {{Medical resources |MeshID=D000001}}
  • Combination it is possible to combine these to suppress some and locally override others: {{Medical resources |PatientUK= |MeshID=D000001 |NCI=}}

Full[uredi kodo]

The full list of parameters is as follows (may not be up-to-date) : {{Medical resources | ICD11 = {{ICD11|Xxx.x}} | ICD10 = {{ICD10|Xxx.x}} | ICD10CM = {{ICD10CM|Xxx.xxxx}} | ICD9 = {{ICD9|xxx}} | ICDO = x.xx | OMIM = x.xx | MeshID = D000001 | DiseasesDB = x.xx | SNOMED CT = xxxxxxxxx | Curlie = x.xx | MedlinePlus = x.xx | eMedicineSubj = x.xx | eMedicineTopic = x.xx | PatientUK = x.xx | NCI = x.xx | GeneReviewsNBK = x.xx | GeneReviewsName = x.xx | NORD = x.xx | GARDNum = x.xx | GARDName = x.xx | RP = x.xx | AO = x.xx | WO = x.xx | OrthoInfo = x.xx | Orphanet = x.xx | Scholia = x.xx | OB = xxxx }}

Table of parameters, labels, and search tools[uredi kodo]

The following data sources are accepted (may not be up-to-date):

Parameter Label Nested template Wikipedia article Search Remarks WD linked?
|ICD11= ICD-11 {{ICD11}} ICD-11 [3] Da
|ICD10= ICD-10 {{ICD10}} ICD-10 [4] WHO's version of the ICD-10. Paramater must not be used to add codes that are only found in a national varient such as ICD-10 AM or ICD-10 CM Ne
|ICD10CM= ICD-10-CM {{ICD10CM}} ICD-10 Clinical Modification [5] The US version of ICD-10. Many codes found therein are not found in the base classification, as such the {{ICD10CM}} template must be used in favor of the {{ICD10}} template Ne
|ICD9= ICD-9-CM {{ICD9}} ICD-9-CM [6] ICD-9 and ICD-9-CM have been retired. Don't go out of your way to add these codes. Ne
|ICDO= ICD-O {{ICDO}} International Classification of Diseases for Oncology Ne
|OMIM= OMIM {{OMIM}} Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [7] Ne
|MeshID= MeSH Medical Subject Headings [8] Da
|DiseasesDB= DiseasesDB {{DiseasesDB}} Diseases Database [9] Ne
|Curlie= Curlie Curlie [11] Ne
|MedlinePlus= MedlinePlus {{MedlinePlus}} MedlinePlus [12] Ne
|eMedicineSubj= eMedicine {{EMedicine}} EMedicine [13] eMedicine article Subject reference. Multiple items possible by numbering tags eMedicine1, eMedicine2 etc. Ne
|eMedicineTopic= eMedicine (as above) eMedicine article Topic reference. Multiple items possible by numbering tags eMedicine1, eMedicine2 etc. Ne
|PatientUK= Patient UK Patient UK [14] Da
|NCI= NCI National Cancer Institute [15] Da
|GeneReviewsNBK= GeneReviews GeneReviews [16] Ne
|GeneReviewsName= GeneReviews (as above) Ne
|NORD= NORD National Organization for Rare Disorders [17] Ne
|GARDNum= GARD Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center [18] Ne
|GARDName= GARD (as above) Ne
|RP= Radiopaedia {{Radiopaedia}} Radiopaedia [19] Radiopaedia article link Ne
|AO= AO Foundation Müller AO Classification of fractures [20] Ne
|WO= Wheeless textbook (None) [21] Wheeless Online article link Ne
|OrthoInfo= OrthoInfo (None) [22] Ne
|Orphanet= Orphanet {{Orphanet}} Orphanet [23] Ne
|Scholia= Scholia {{Scholia}} wikidata:Wikidata:Scholia [24] Ne
|OB= Orthobullets {None} [25] Ne

Adding new parameters[uredi kodo]

(This in information is for template editors)

When adding new parameters that are linked to Wikidata there are a couple of pre-defined parameter sets for the {{wdib}} wrapper, which group commonly defined parameters.

Parameter set 1, |ps=1, has the following presets

       rank = "best"
       fetchwikidata = "ALL"
       onlysourced = "no"
       noicon = "true"

Parameter set 2, |ps=2, has the following presets

       rank = "best"
       fetchwikidata = "ALL"
       onlysourced = "no"
       noicon = "true"
       linked = "no"
       plaindate = "true"

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