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Opazovalni podatki (Epoha {{{epoch}}})
Najsvetlejša članica{{{brightest_member}}}
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Infobox for articles on superclusters of galaxies. Intended for the creation of new supercluster pages and for updating older pages with outdated infoboxes.

Uporaba[uredi kodo]

{{Infopolje nadjata
| name = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| credit = 
| epoch = 
| constellation = 
| ra = {{RA|00|00}}
| dec = {{DEC|±00|00}}
| brightest_member = 
| member_no = 
| major_axis_mpc = {{convert|000|Mpc|Mly|0|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0,00}}
| minor_axis_mpc = {{convert|000|Mpc|Mly|0|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0,00}}
| redshift = 
| distance = {{convert|000|Mpc|Mly|0|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0,00}}
| mass = 0{{e|14}} {{hub|0,00}} {{sončeva masa|link=y}}
| luminosity = 
| flux = 
| other_names = 

Parametri[uredi kodo]

name[uredi kodo]

<Name of the object> Supercluster, i.e. Shapley Supercluster

image[uredi kodo]

Associated image of the object: [[Image:name.png|400px]]

caption[uredi kodo]

Text underneath the image.

credit[uredi kodo]

To whom do we owe this great pleasure?

epoch[uredi kodo]

Equatorial coordinates based on which epoch? If other than J2000, please find or convert to J2000.

constellation[uredi kodo]

Wikilink(s) to constellation(s).

ra[uredi kodo]


dec[uredi kodo]


brightest_member[uredi kodo]

The brightest cluster.

member_no[uredi kodo]

The number of galaxy clusters belonging to the supercluster.

major_axis_mpc[uredi kodo]

The major axis of the supercluster in h−1
, h−1
, h−1
, etc., megaparsecs. See distance section.

minor_axis_mpc[uredi kodo]

The minor axis of the supercluster in h−1
, h−1
, h−1
, etc., megaparsecs. See distance section.

redshift[uredi kodo]

  • z, if ≳ 0,2 : 0,8
  • z (km/s), if ≲ 0,2 : 0,0717 (21 500 km/s)

distance[uredi kodo]

NED's default value for the dimensionless Hubble parameter is 0,73 using the WMAP 3-year results, but one is able to change this to match the WMAP 5-year results with h=0,705.

  • If measurement is left in 'units' of h: {{hub|}} gives h−1
  • If h=0,73 is used: {{hub|0,73}} gives h−1
  • {{convert|100|Mpc|Mly|2|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0,73}} gives 100 Mpc (326,16 Mly) h−1
  • {{convert|100|+/-|20|Mpc|Mly|abbr=on|lk=on}} {{hub|0,73}} gives 100 ± 20 Mpc (326 ± 65 Mly) h−1
  • Use Gpc as appropriate and/or feel free to leave off the light-year conversion if it becomes unwieldy. Parsecs are less ambiguous and are preferred over light-years, especially at cosmological scales.

mass[uredi kodo]

  • 1,4{{e|14}} {{hub|0,70}} {{solar mass|link=y}} gives 1,4×1014 h−1

luminosity[uredi kodo]

Make sure to specify the passband:

  • X-ray luminosity is usually given in erg s-1 for some keV range.
    • 1,4{{e|14}} [[erg]] s<sup>-1</sup> (0,1—2,4 [[electron volt|keV]]) gives 1,4×1014 erg s-1 (0,1—2,4 keV)
  • Visible or bolometric luminosity is usually given in L.
    • 1,4{{e|14}} {{hub|0,70}} {{solar luminosity|link=y}} gives 1,4×1014 h−1

flux[uredi kodo]

If available, use alternatively to luminosity. Make sure to specify the passband.

  • X-ray flux, usually given in erg s-1 cm-2 for some keV range.
    • (1,4 ± 0,2){{e|-11}} [[erg]] s<sup>-1</sup> cm<sup>-2</sup> (0,1—2,4 [[electron volt|keV]]) gives (1,4 ± 0,2)×10−11 erg s-1 cm-2 (0,1—2,4 keV)

other_names[uredi kodo]

Please don't list all the cross-identifications in NED for each object.

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