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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

Infopolje za članke o kroglastih zvezdnih kopicah.

Usage[uredi kodo]

Fields should generally be directly from the source, such as SIMBAD. Wikilinks and expansion of abbreviations are acceptable.

Example infobox[uredi kodo]

Zasluge: {{{credit}}}
Opazovalni podatki ({{{epoch}}} epoha)
Oddaljenost{{{dist_ly}}} ({{{dist_pc}}})
Navidezni sij (V){{{appmag_v}}}
Navidezni premer (V){{{size_v}}}
Fizikalne značilnosti
Masa{{{mass_msol}}} M ({{{mass_kg}}} kg)
Vsebnost težjih elementov{{{metal_fe}}} dex
Ocenjena starost{{{age}}}
Pomembnejše lastnosti{{{notes}}}
Druge oznake oz. imena{{{names}}}
Glej tudi: Kroglasta zvezdna kopica

The following parameters can be used to create a globular cluster infobox. Please remove any parameters that are not likely to be useful.

{{Infobox globular cluster
| name =
| image =
| caption =
| credit =
| epoch = 
| class =
| constellation =
| ra = 
| dec = 
| dist_ly = 
| dist_pc =
| appmag_v =
| size_v =
| mass_msol =
| mass_kg =
| radius_ly =
| v_hb =
| metal_fe = 
| age = 
| notes =
| names =

Parameter documentation[uredi kodo]

Field Description
name Common name of the globular cluster. This field is required.
image Photograph of the cluster. Preferably this should be a wide shot to show most/all of the globular cluster rather than a view from within it. Include the "File:" prefix and a width of 300px. If uploading a new image, please put them on Commons so they can be easily used by the other language Wikipedias.
caption Description of the photograph in the image field.
credit Credit for the photograph in the image field.
epoch The astronomical epoch of the cluster coordinates (below). Normally this is [[J2000]].
class The Shapley–Sawyer Concentration Class of the cluster.
constellation A link to the constellation where this cluster is located.
ra The right ascension coordinate of the cluster mid-point. The {{RA}} template should be used here. For example: {{RA|hh|mm|ss.dd}}.
dec The declination coordinate of the cluster mid-point. The {{DEC}} template should be used here. For example: {{DEC|±dd|mm|ss.d}}.
dist_ly This is an estimate of the cluster's distance from the Solar System in light years. The distances can be combined into a single field as: {{Convert|d.dd|kly|kpc|abbr=off|lk=on|sigfig=1}}
dist_pc This should be the same distance as dist_ly using parsec as the units. A parsec is equal to 3.2616 light years.
appmag_v The apparent magnitude of the cluster.
size_v This gives the angular diameter, usually in arc minutes or arc seconds.
mass_msol The estimated total mass in solar masses.
mass_kg The same value as above, using kilograms as units. A solar mass is equal to 2 × 1030 kg
v_hb The visual magnitude of the horizontal branch stars in the cluster
metal_fe The metallicity as a logarithmic abundance of iron relative to hydrogen, as compared to the Sun
age The estimated age of the cluster, usually listed in [[Gigayear|Gyr]] (billions of years).
notes Additional details of significance.
names A comma separated list of used alternative cluster names. These are names that are commonly used in scholarly journal articles, such as the New General Catalogue (NGC) name.

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