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P (Pa) 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k
pri T (°C)
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Infopolja za kemijske elementa uporabljajo osnovno {{Infopolje Element}}.

Parametri[uredi kodo]


Usually parameters reproduce the value, and the template adds the SI unit or additional standard text. While the topic is technical, we can strive to make the result readable text, and even verbose. For example, this is why the template writes "(at 0 °C)". For this, you may want to experiment with parameter input too - or propose improvements.

All this can vary across the values (data rows). So depending on the row and the specific value, additional formattings may be added by the template (e.g., a newline <br>)

Parameter naming patterns

Most parameters have a ... ref that allows for references. This reference is added right after the unit.

ionization energy ref

Parameters with a .. comment suffix are added to the end of a data line, with a space added. Comments are reproduced without formatting additions (no brackets, no italics, ...):

ionization energy comment

Numbered values make a list (except |atomic mass 2= used for uncertainty bracket notation):

ionization energy
ionization energy 2
ionization energy 3

Podpredloge[uredi kodo]

Izotopi[uredi kodo]

Drugo[uredi kodo]

Ostale podpredloge se kličejo avtomatsko.

{{Periodic table (32 columns, micro)}}
Ko je atomsko število ≥ 119, se prikaže mini periodni sistem v razširjeni verziji.


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