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[uredi kodo]

Sometimes articles have both Commons articles (galleries) and categories about them. This template can be used to generate an inline link to a Commons gallery and a Commons category. It is intended for use in the "External links" section of an article.


[uredi kodo]

This template takes two optional parameters: the Commons gallery and the category. If either of these is left blank, the template searches for them in wikidata. There are a number of other optional parameters, described below:


[uredi kodo]
* {{Commons and category inline|CommonsArticleName|CommonsCategoryName}}

Normal usage

[uredi kodo]
* {{Commons and category inline|Ursus maritimus|Ursus maritimus}}
* {{Commons and category}} when placed on Car article (gallery and category both in wikidata):
  • Predstavnosti o temi Automobiles v Wikimedijini zbirki
* {{Commons and category}} when placed on Beinn an Dòthaidh article (only category in wikidata):
* {{Commons and category}} when placed on Samuel Baker House article (only gallery in wikidata):
* {{Commons and category}} when placed on Chicago Lawn, Chicago article (neither gallery nor category in wikidata):
  • Predstavnosti o temi [[Commons:Special:Search/|]] v Wikimedijini zbirki

Other parameters

[uredi kodo]
Override link text
* {{Commons and category inline|Foobar|Foobar|linktext=Foo}}
Full link override
* {{Commons and category inline|links=[[commons:Foo|Foo]] and [[commons:Category:Bar|Bar]]}}
  • Predstavnosti o temi Foo and Bar v Wikimedijini zbirki
List format
* {{Commons and category inline|list=
** [[commons:Foo|Foo]]
** [[commons:Category:Bar|Bar]]
  • Več predstavnostnega gradiva o temi v Wikimedijini zbirki:
Extra text
* {{Commons and category inline|Ursus maritimus|extratext= Extra text}} on Ursus maritimus article

See also

[uredi kodo]

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