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This template returns the number of full years and surplus days between two specified dates. If only one date is entered, the template returns the number of full years and surplus days between the specified date and today's date.

A hidden sort key is included so values produced by this template will work properly in sortable tables. The sort key is calculated from the number of days between the given dates, and is compatible with {{number table sorting}}.

This is temporary documentation resulting from Template talk:Age in years and days#Google problems which shows problems when {{age in years and days}} outputs a hidden sort key. It is proposed that {{age in years and days}} will not output a hidden sort key, so {{age in years and days nts}} is needed for when a sort key is wanted.

Usage[uredi kodo]

For convenience, the redirect {{ayd}} can be used. Each date can be entered in a single parameter, or each date can be entered as three parameters (year, month, day).

  • {{ayd|15 May 2010}}14 years, 10 days
  • {{ayd|12 Aug 2003|24 Sep 2011}}8 years, 43 days
  • {{ayd|19 Jan 1689}}335 years, 127 days
  • {{ayd|1989|7|23}}34 years, 307 days
  • {{ayd|1989|7|23|2003|7|24}}14 years, 1 day
  • {{ayd|2007|03|02|2008|03|02}}1 year, 0 days
  • {{ayd|1999|11|07|2112|02|15}}112 years, 100 days

An error is shown if an entered date is not valid (1900 was not a leap year).

  • {{ayd|31 January 1892|29 February 1900}}Error: Second date should be year, month, day
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