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Re: Zgornja Avstrija[uredi kodo]

Hi, I think that "Zgornja Avstrija" is correct, but I`m not sure, because in different literatures both Gornja and Zgornja Avstrija are used. I have contacted one admin, that is working more on historical and political topics (user IP 213), so perhaps he will have more information concerning this.--Archangel 12:10, 30. september 2009 (CEST)

Re: Narodska dvoma[uredi kodo]

Hm, well the thing is not complicated at all. If we presume, that her mother grandparents are Slovene, then next statements can be true:

  • her roots are slovene and if she defines herself as Slovene, you can call her slovensko dekle;
  • i am little confused with the fact "she is totally slovene", as that means her both parents are slovene, and you can definitely call her slovensko dekle.

It actually depends on how she defines herself, because the fact is, that she has slovene roots.

And no, "Slovenco dekle" is incorrect term (it is typo, a mistake).

Regards, --Archangel 22:14, 12. maj 2010 (CEST)