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This template allows linking to external links found on most current UK House of Commons biographies. This will aid in the maintenance and standardization of these external links.

How to use[uredi kodo]

Cut & paste[uredi kodo]


{{UK MP links
| parliament   = 
| hansardcurr  = 
| hansard      = 
| publicwhip   = 
| theywork     = 
| record       = 
| journalisted = 


{{UK MP links | parliament = | hansardcurr = | hansard = | publicwhip = | theywork = | record = | journalisted = }}

The order of the fields does not matter.

Fields[uredi kodo]

  • All parameters are optional, but if you don't include any of them, nothing will show up.
  • Do not use capital letters. They might disrupt the code.
  • The parliament field may be a combined name and numerical id (e.g. nick-clegg/1563) or numerical id only (e.g. 1563). Either format will work.
Field Data Result URL source
parliament id Parliament Profile and Contributions in Parliament 2010–present[parliament] (name and numerical id)[parliament] (numerical id only)
hansardcurr name Contributions in Parliament 2006–2010[hansardcurr]_home.html
hansard name Contributions in Parliament 1803–2005[hansard]
publicwhip name Voting record[publicwhip]
theywork name Record in Parliament[theywork]
record id Profile[record]
journalisted name Articles authored[journalisted]

Example[uredi kodo]

Nick Clegg:

{{ UK MP links  
| parliament   = nick-clegg/1563
| hansardcurr  = 2631
| hansard      = mr-nick-clegg
| publicwhip   = Nicholas_Clegg
| theywork     = nicholas_clegg
| record       = Nick-Clegg/Sheffield-Hallam/1086
| journalisted = nick-clegg
will return all relevant external links: