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Documentation icon Dokumentacija predloge[predogled] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

This template creates a link to a section of an article. It can be used both in an article and its corresponding talk-page. It also can be used with two parameters to link to a different article. The only visible text is the section's name.

It has three advantages:

  • It is not necessary to type the section name twice.
  • In an articles talk page it is not necessary to type the article name.
  • A given lower case section name will display as such, but will automatically link to the uppercase section.

Uporaba[uredi kodo]

{{Povezavapoglavje|poglavje}} naredi povezavo na {{SUBJECTPAGE}}#Poglavje in izgleda takole [[...|poglavje]]

{{Povezavapoglavje|stran|poglavje}} naredi povezavo na Stran#Poglavje in izgleda takole [[...|poglavje]]

Primeri[uredi kodo]

{{Povezavapoglavje|Uporaba}} se poveže na Uporaba.

{{Povezavapoglavje|Uporaba}} se tudi poveže na Uporaba.

Poveže se tudi na Uporaba, če je uporabljen na Pogovor o predlogi:Povezavapoglavje.

{{Povezavapoglavje|List (rastlina)|Zeleni listi}} se poveže na Zeleni listi

Tehnične opombe[uredi kodo]

Because links to anchors are case-sensitive (at least when using Mozilla), and because per our style guide section headlines should begin with an uppercase letter, this template automatically capitalizes the first letter of the link. Therefore it is not possible to link to a section with a lower case title.