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Usage[uredi kodo]

This message should be placed only on article talk pages.

This template adds articles to Kategorija:Povezani sodelavci.

To use this template, add this code to an article’s talk page: {{Connected contributor|username|article}} Where username is the person's Wikipedia username, and article is the article title which will appear in Kategorija:Povezani sodelavci.

Article titles which are people's names may be sorted by surname by presenting the surname first, as in: {{Connected contributor|Example user|Presley, Elvis}}


The default wording assumes that the editor has not formally declared an interest; the guidance at Wikipedia:Conflict of interest is that users are "strongly encouraged—but not actually required—to declare their interests", so there is no need to formally require a contributor to declare themselves - the template itself provides links to relevant guidance to allow the user to make an informed choice regarding declaration.

If the editor has declared a COI, then |declared=yes may be added to the template, and by adding |otherlinks= a link may be provided to the declaration; for example:

{{Connected contributor|Example user|Example article|declared=yes|otherlinks=COI declared at COIN [ here].}}

This produces:


If the contributor has edited the article, then |editedhere=yes may be added; for example:

{{Connected contributor|Example user|Example article|editedhere=yes}}

This produces:

Banned user

If the user has been banned, then |banned=yes may be added; for example:

{{Connected contributor|Example user|Example article|banned=yes}}

This produces:


The additional field of banned, edited, declared, etc, may be combined in any order in a template after the user and article fields; for example:

{{Connected contributor|Example user|Example article|otherlinks=COI declared at COIN [ here].|banned=yes|declared=yes|editedhere=yes}}

This produces:

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