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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

This template is used to generate documentation for single-notice user warning templates like {{uw-tilde}}. User warning templates using this documentation template should follow the guidelines set by the user warnings project.

Syntax[uredi kodo]

All parameters

{{single notice
| param1                = 
| param1 required       = 
| nopage                = 
| nothankyou            = 
| required named params = 
| extra usage           = 
| see also              = 
| banners               = 
| s1                    = 
| s2                    = 
| s3                    = 

Parameters[uredi kodo]

a two-or-three-word description of parameter |1=, to go inside template examples. (|1= usually contains the page name of whatever page the message is about.) Defaults to "article".
|param1 required=
set to yes if |1= is required.
set to yes if there is no |1= parameter.
set to yes if the message does not end in "Thank you." By default, the template will say that additional text set with the |2= parameter will be used instead of the text "Thank you"; if you set this to yes, the template will instead say that |2= will be added at the end of the message.
|required named params=
use this parameter to add required named parameters to all of the example template invocations. They will be added as the first parameter to Template:Tlsc, so you should escape equals signs. For example, myparam{{=}}''example value'' will give the code myparam=example value.
|extra usage=
a space to add additional information about usage of the template.
|see also=
a space to add "see also" links for the template.
a space to add banners such as {{Twinkle standard installation}}.
|s1=, |s2=, |s3=
template shortcuts.
suppress automatic categorization

See also[uredi kodo]

  • {{Templatesnotice}}: generates documentation for multi-issue user-page templates.

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