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This template is used to generate the above/title section in a politics sidebar.

Usage[uredi kodo]

{{sidebar with collapsible lists
| name = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| wraplinks = true
| bodyclass = vcard
| liststyle = text-align: left

| title = {{politics sidebar title
  | country = <!-- country -->
  | title = <!-- country or the country -->
  | image = Coat of arms of the Netherlands.svg
  | alt =

| list1title =
| list1 =

| below = {{politics sidebar below|<!-- country or the country -->}}

Parameters[uredi kodo]

the name of the country, it should correspond to the title of the article about the country
Example: |country=Netherlands
the name of the country or region corresponding to the article named "Politics of title"
Example: |title=the Netherlands
the file name of a representative image
Example: |image=Coat of arms of the Netherlands.svg
the width of the image (default is frameless)
Example: |size=150px
alternative text for the image
Example: |alt=The coat of arms for the Netherlands depicting ...
add a border around the image
Example: |border=y

Regions that are not countries[uredi kodo]

the name of the region, it should correspond to the title of the article about the region
Example: |region=North Dakota

Modifying the linking[uredi kodo]

by default, the title parameter is used for both the link text and the link. to use a different value for the link, set link to a value which corresponds to the article named "Politics of link"

Removing the separator[uredi kodo]

by default, the horizontal rule at the bottom of the box has width 1px, to remove the separator, set |separator-width=0.

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