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Predloga:Navigacijska predloga zvezne države ZDA

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Usage[uredi kodo]

This template is the master template for all of the United States state templates and territory templates (and DC). A sample is shown here:

{{Navigacijska predloga zvezne države ZDA
| template_name = New York
| name    = [[New York]]
| type    = [[Zvezna država Združenih držav Amerike|Zvezna država]]
| capital = [[Albany, New York|Albany]]
| color   = #ccccff
| flag_image   = Flag of New York.svg
| flag_caption = Zastava New Yorka

| title1 = [[:Kategorija:New York|Teme]]
| body1  =
[[Zgodovina New Yorka|Zgodovina]] {{navpičnica}}
[[Seznam kolidžev in univerz v zvezni državi New York|Izobraževanje]] {{navpičnica}}
[[Politika v zvezni državi New York|Politika]] {{navpičnica}} ...

| title2 = [[Regije Združenih držav Amerike#New York|Regije]]
| body2  =
[[Adirondack Mountains|Gorovje Adirondack]] {{navpičnica}}
[[Capital District|Capital District]] {{navpičnica}}
[[Catskill Mountains|Gorovje Catskill]] {{navpičnica}} ...

| title3 = [[Seznam mest v zvezni državi New York|Mesta]]
| body3  = 
[[Albany, New York|Albany]]/[[Schenectady, New York|Schenectady]]/[[Troy, New York|Troy]] {{navpičnica}}
[[Binghamton, New York|Binghamton]] {{navpičnica}}
[[Buffalo, New York|Buffalo]]/[[Niagara Falls, New York|Niagara Falls]] {{navpičnica}} ...

There are a total of 7 title/body pairs, so you can use up to "title7" and "body7" (of course, more can easily be added at any time).

In addition, there are a few more optional parameters for special cases:

use this one to change the default text color for the main title and sidebar titles. Note that you will still need to manually change the color of any wikilinks using a span tag (see Template:Nevada, Template:Maine, and Template:Hawaii)
used for the seat of government for Template:American Samoa
used only for Template:District of Columbia to say "Capital of the United States" because DC has no capital of its own
The name of the template, which is needed for the "v(iew) · d(iscuss) · e(dit)" links to work properly. You can enter template_name={{subst:PAGENAME}} as a shortcut.
state=autocollapse : (default) the navigation box will start out collapsed if there are two or more collapsible tables on the same page.
state=collapsed : the navigation box will always start out in a collapsed state.
blank or anything other than the above (state=expanded, etc.) : always start out in an expanded state.