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Purpose[uredi kodo]

This template provides a quick and easy method of directly linking to specific pages in the New South Wales Geographical Names Register that is maintained by the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales as well as providing a standardised format for the reference. It was created after the Geographical Names Board reorganised its website in mid-2013, breaking 1,400+ outgoing links.

The Geographical Names Register of NSW is a comprehensive database of registered place names in New South Wales, Australia and is used in hundreds of Australian related articles. Use of this template means that should the Geographical Names Board change urls or page titles at some time only this template will require updating rather than requiring a need to change multiple articles.

Usage[uredi kodo]

Note: None of the parameters should be capitalised, in order to avoid the article being tagged as having a broken citation.

{{NSW GNR|id = |title = |accessdate = }}

Required parameters[uredi kodo]

Example page used in this section:

  • id This is required to form the url. Individual extract urls end in a multi-digit code. For example, the extract url for Raymond Terrace is The code is that part of the url after "id=". For Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, that code is ujQlwpsyMn.
  • title This is required to form the citation title and should be the name of the place as shown in the "Placename" field on the extract page. In the example used the place name is "Raymond Terrace". If necessary, qualifiers may be added. For example, "Anna Bay" is both a "bay" and a "suburb", so title should be "Anna Bay (bay)" or "Anna Bay (suburb)", as appropriate.
  • accessdate Date accessed in the same format as the rest of the article, as per Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers). As this template is designed for use in Australia related articles this will normally be in Australian date format, which is "dd Month year". For example, "|accessdate=23. maj 2020". Must not be wikilinked.

Examples[uredi kodo]

{{NSW GNR|id = ujQlwpsyMn |title = Raymond Terrace |accessdate = 23. maj 2020 }}


"Raymond Terrace". Geographical Names Register (GNR) of NSW. Geographical Names Board of New South Wales. Pridobljeno dne 23. maj 2020.

Spaces[uredi kodo]

Spaces in the citation may be eliminated where not required. For example, the above example may be written as:

{{NSW GNR|id=ujQlwpsyMn|title=Raymond Terrace|accessdate=23. maj 2020}}