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{{JPL small body}} is an external link template that points to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Small-Body Database Browser at To cite the database, use instead {{cite sbdb}}.

Usage[uredi kodo]

In ~90% of cases, it is not necessary to supply |name= and |id= parameters, since it defaults to the article name (i.e. {{PAGENAME}}), which usually results in a correct external link, caveats below. Thus, when used in the External links section, the following is usually sufficient

==External links==
* {{JPL small body}}

However, the template has two optional parameters:

  • |name= by default, this equal to the pagename ({{PAGENAME}}). Use this parameter when the pagename does not match what should be displayed by the template.
  • |id= used to override the default url to the database. Use this parameter when the default url does not result in a correct external link. Place the full SPK-ID found on the JPL database here. For example, 2867 Šteins has an SPK-ID of 2002867, so use |id=2002867.

Those will be relevant when diacritics, apostrophes, parentheses, or other special characters are used in the pagenames

  • The article name contains diacritics (e.g. 2867 Šteins) - JPL Small Body Database does not support diacritics. In this case, use {{JPL small body|id=2002867}}
  • The article name contains apostrophes (e.g. 21774 O'Brien) - a bug in the MediaWiki urlencode function results in a malformed external link. In this case, use {{JPL small body|id=2021774}}.
  • The article name is the asteroid's provisional name (e.g. (8619) 1981 EH1) - JPL Small Body Database search does not accept this. In this case, use {{JPL small body|id=2008619}} ).

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