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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

This template temporarily displays a link to a non-English Wikipedia article, while the corresponding English-language Wikipedia article is lacking ("a red link"). The red link is explicitly shown, followed by the non-English link. Once the English article is created, the non-English link won't be shown.

Examples[uredi kodo]

When the English article doesn't exist:

  • Usage: {{link-interwiki|sl=dependence on oil|lang=fr|lang_title=dépendance au pétrole}}
  • Result: dependence on oil(fr)

Once the English article is created, the link to the other language won't be shown:

  • Usage: {{link-interwiki|sl=The Tale of Genji|lang=ja|lang_title=源氏物語}}
  • Result: The Tale of Genji(ja)

{{ill}} is a similar template, but you don't specify the parameter name:

You can modify the displayed text from the article name:

  • Usage: {{link-interwiki|sl=dependence on oil|sl_text=Oil dependence|lang=fr|lang_title=dépendance au pétrole}}
  • Result: Oil dependence(fr)

Parameters[uredi kodo]

The template accepts the following named parameters:

  • sl (required) - name of article in English-language Wikipedia
  • sl_text (optional) - text to display for English-language link, if different than the article name
  • lang (required) - interwiki language code, i.e. fr, nl, etc. (see List of Wikipedias)
  • lang_title (optional) - name of article in non-English Wikipedia

See also[uredi kodo]

  • {{ill}} - similar but easier template; you don't have to specify the parameter names
  • {{ill2}} - similar template allowing links to more than one non-English Wikipedia