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This template creates a simple search box for a page's all subpages, like archives.

Uporaba[uredi kodo]

Simple {{iskalno polje}} creates a search box. The scope is all subpages of the tagged page, excluding that page itself.

{{Iskalno polje
 |root= /

Parametri[uredi kodo]

The target page. |root=User talk:Example/Archives will search all subpages of User talk:Example/Archives. The default is the current page name.
By default, the target page itself is excluded, by appending a slash "/" to the "root" parameter. If you want to include it, set noslash=yes.
search-break=yes will insert a break between the search bar and search button. The default is no.
can be used to change the width of the text field, in characters. The default is 22, which fits the search bar with the default box width. Note: this is a bare number with no units.
can be used to change the text on the search button. The default is "Iskanje".

Primeri[uredi kodo]

{{Iskalno polje |root=Wikipedija:FAQ |search-button-label=Iskanje v FAQ}}

Example 2:

{{Iskalno polje
 |search-button-label=Išči na straneh uporanika 84user

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