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This template is used to add a collapsible medal templates section in an infobox. It is meant to be used in the infobox code, and not in the article directly.

Usage[uredi kodo]

| above = Athlete
| label1 = Sport
| data1  = Foo


| header5 = {{Infobox medal templates
  | title = <!-- optional; default is "Medal record" -->
  | medals = {{{medaltemplates|}}}
  | expand = {{{medaltemplates-expand|}}}


Additional parameters[uredi kodo]

  | titlestyle = background-color: #cdcdcd;<!-- default is background-color: transparent; -->

Note[uredi kodo]

Do not enclose the medal templates with {{MedalTop}}, {{MedalBottom}}, or any other table header/footer templates, as this will cause the template to break. Most instances of this misuse are tracked in Category:Infobox medal templates requiring repair.

Templates using this template[uredi kodo]

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