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Druga imena{{{alternate_name}}}
Pokrajina ali regija{{{region}}}
Povezana kuhinja{{{associated_cuisine}}}
Ustvaril{{{creator}}} or {{{creators}}}
Čas kuhanja
Tmpeerving temperature{{{served}}}
Glavne sestavine{{{main_ingredient}}}
Splošne sestavine{{{minor_ingredient}}}
Vnos energije
(per 100 g serving)
{{{calories}}} kcal
Hranilna vrednost
(per 100 g serving)
Beljakovine{{{protein}}} g
Maščobe{{{fat}}} g
Ogljikovi hidrati{{{carbohydrate}}} g
Podobne jedi{{{similar_dish}}}
Druge informacije{{{other}}}
  • [[:b:Cookbook:{{{cookbook}}}|Kuharica: {{{cookbook}}}]]
  •   [[Commons:{{{commons}}}|Predstavnost: {{{name}}}]]

Usage[uredi kodo]

{{Infobox food
| name = 
| name_lang =
| name_italics =
| image = 
| image_size =
| image_alt =
| caption = 
| alternate_name = 
| type = 
| course = 
| place_of_origin = 
| region = 
| associated_cuisine = 
| creator = <!-- or | creators = -->
| year = 
| mintime = 
| maxtime = 
| served = 
| main_ingredient = 
| minor_ingredient = 
| variations = 
| serving_size = 100 g
| calories = 
| calories_ref =
| protein = 
| fat = 
| carbohydrate = 
| glycemic_index = 
| similar_dish = 
| cookbook =
| commons =
| other = 
| no_recipes = true

Parameters[uredi kodo]

Copy and paste the infobox above into the desired article and fill in the values after the equals (=) sign. All fields are optional. For questions or examples, please see the discussion page.

Parameter Description
name This comes to the top of the box. If omitted, it will be inferred from the page title.
name_lang ISO 639 language code, if the name is not in English
name_italics Set |name_italics=true to italicise the name—if it is in a non-English language that uses the Roman alphabet, for example
image Do not prefix with File: or Image:, or surround with square brackets [[]]. If there is no image available, leave the field empty.
caption Leave empty for no image caption.
image_size Optional custom image size, e.g. 240 "px" is not required
image_alt Alt text for the image. See MOS:ALT
alternate_name Alternate name for the dish.
place_of_origin Place of origin of the dish.
region Region or state the dish was developed.
associated_cuisine Associated cuisine, preferably linking to an existing Fooian cuisine article.
creator or creators Creator or creators of the dish, for dishes with a known, well documented creator(s).
year Year dish was invented.
mintime (time1) Minimum time required to cook the dish.
maxtime (time2) Maximum time required to cook the dish.
type e.g. "pie", "biscuit", etc.
course Appetizer, Dessert, Drink, Main course, Salad, Side dish.
served Serving temperature for the dish.
main_ingredient Main ingredient/s for the dish. {{Plainlist}} may be used to separate multiple items.
minor_ingredient Ditto minor ingredient/s for the dish.
variations Variations for making the dish.
serving_size Default serving size ("100 g" for the standard 100 g serving size).
calories Calories per serving. Use a raw number for automatic conversion to kJ.
calories_ref Citation for the calories per serving.
protein The amount of protein in the dish per serving.
fat The amount of fat in the dish per serving.
carbohydrate The amount of carbohydrate in the dish per serving.
glycemic_index Glycemic index (GI). Must be a simple number (e.g., without references or standard error mean.)
similar_dish Any similar dish/es.
other Any other information.
cookbook Provides a link to the Cookbook at Wikibooks using a title other than Wikipedia's page name
commons override wikidata commons link by manually specifying commons page
no_recipes Set |no_recipes=true to suppress the addition of recipe search links; omit to allow.
no_commons Set |no_commons=true to suppress the addition of Commons search links; omit to allow.

TemplateData[uredi kodo]

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TemplateData za Infopolje Hrana

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