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This sub-template either contains a country/region inflation table or calls one located in another sub-template. Its output is used by the {{Inflation}} template and possibly others. It is not meant to be called directly, but if you do, it will produce one or more lines containing each a number preceded by an asterisk (the multiply character) for use in {{#expr:}} and related parser functions:

* 1.020
* 0.999
* 1.002


[uredi kodo]

Where year1 and year2 determine the range of "multiply by n" lines that will be returned.

Failing to provide one or both parameters, providing an year2 lower than year1, or providing an year1 and an year2 that are both lower than the lowest or higher than the highest year in the table, is an undefined operation that will result in either an "* 1" or an empty string, depending on how the dataset is constructed. Similarly, providing an year1 lower than the lowest year in the table, and an year2 higher than the highest year in the table, will either also return "* 1", or the whole table. Providing any non-numeric parameter will result in one or more red errors that should be handled with the {{#iferror:}} parser function.

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