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Info: This template detects whether it is being used on the mobile version of Wikipedia (, and displays different content accordingly.

Rationale[uredi kodo]

Some features work differently on the mobile website, such as slideshow galleries appearing as ordinary galleries. This template allows better presentation of such content, by e.g. having a "Slideshow" heading when a slideshow is shown, and a "Gallery" heading when a regular gallery is shown.

Usage[uredi kodo]

{{If mobile|content for mobile website|content for desktop website}}

By default, <span>...</span> tags are used to wrap the specified content. A different tag may be specified using |tag=

E.g. |tag=div can be used if the content contains block-level elements.

Example[uredi kodo]

Normal usage[uredi kodo]

{{If mobile|A mobile user you are!|You are looking at the desktop site}}

Within the Template: namespace[uredi kodo]

Note that the behaviour is different when within the Template: namespace! (e.g. on this documentation page)

You are currently viewing the {{If mobile|mobile website|desktop website}}.

You are currently viewing the desktop websitemobile website.

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