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This template creates an area with the visual appearance of a button. This area can be placed inside a wikilink to give the link the appearance of a button, and expand its clickable size and tap target.

Usage[uredi kodo]

Unnamed parameters:

  • {{Gumb na klik | TEXT }}
  • {{Gumb na klik | TEXT | COLOR }}

Named parameters:

  • {{Gumb na klik | 1= TEXT }}
  • {{Gumb na klik | 1= TEXT | color= COLOR }}

Button with wikilink:

  • [[ WIKILINK | {{Gumb na klik | TEXT }} ]]
  • [[ WIKILINK | {{Gumb na klik | TEXT | color= COLOR }} ]]

Examples[uredi kodo]

Parameter: 1 (1)[uredi kodo]

Example: {{Gumb na klik|This looks like a button}}

Result: This looks like a button

Example: [[Talk:Main Page|{{Gumb na klik|Main page talk page}}]]

Result: Main page talk page

Parameter: color[uredi kodo]

You can select three colors: white (default), blue (progressive) and red (destructive):

White (Default) example: {{Gumb na klik|Button text|color=white}}

Result: Button text

Blue (Progressive) example: {{Gumb na klik|Button text|color=blue}}

Result: Button text

Red (Destructive) example: {{Gumb na klik|Button text|color=red}}

Result: Button text

Note: After the changes outlined in Phabricator task T110555 were implemented, {{Gumb na klik|color=green}} produces the same output as {{Gumb na klik|color=blue}}.