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This template allows for the inclusion of direct web links to official 2011 census data into Australian geographical articles. Due to periodic changes/redesigns on the ABS website, these links may change: the advantage of using the template is therefore that all articles using this template will migrate with it.

Usage[uredi kodo]

General[uredi kodo]

{{Census 2011 AUS|id= |name= |accessdate= |quick=on}}

Lists only[uredi kodo]

{{Census 2011 AUS|id= |link=yes}}

Parameters[uredi kodo]

ABS ID for the region (note: may be different from 2006, so don't convert across without checking.)
ABS Name for the region: e.g. Raymond Terrace (State Suburb) or SSC11952 (Census Collection District).
Optional parameter to record date accessed in the form dd mmmm yyyy (e.g. 5 december 2021).
This is an optional but widely used parameter. When added at the end, generally as |quick=on, it forces QuickStats instead of a link to the "Census Community Profiles" page.
This is an optional parameter that causes a bare link to be generated instead of a citation if |link=yes and is for use in lists such as List of cities in Australia by population#50 largest urban centres by population. When this is the case, the only necessary parameter is id. Other parameters will not be used. This functionality is similar to that provided by {{Census 2006 AUS link}}.

Examples[uredi kodo]

As a citation (QuickStats)[uredi kodo]

  • {{Census 2011 AUS|id=SSC11952|name=Raymond Terrace (State Suburb)|accessdate=5. december 2021|quick=on}} produces:
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (31. oktober 2012). "Raymond Terrace (State Suburb)". 2011 Census QuickStats. Pridobljeno dne 5. december 2021.

As a citation (Census Community Profiles)[uredi kodo]

As a bare link[uredi kodo]

  • {{Census 2011 AUS|id=SSC11952|link=yes}} produces [1]

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