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About[uredi kodo]

{{Category count only}} simply returns the number of pages in a category, with no extra surrounding text.

Usage[uredi kodo]

The first unnamed parameter, mandatory, is the category name to be counted.
A second unnamed parameter, optional, may be used to count several subsets of that category, as described in mw:Help:Magic words#Statistics.

See also[uredi kodo]

Predloga Primer
{{c}} Primer
{{cl}} kat:Primer
{{cls}} Kat:Primer
Predloga Primer
{{cconly}} 0
{{clc}} Kategorija:Primer (0)
{{lc}} Kategorija:Primer (uredi|pogovor|zgodovina|povezave|opazuj|dnevnik)
{{lcs}} Kategorija:Primer (uredi pogovor povezave zgodovina)