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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

Adds a Table of Contents (TOC) to a category page if the category's size warrants it.

The size thresholds are:

  1. <= 100 pages → brez TOC
  2. 101–1200 pages → {{Kategorija TOC}}
  3. > 1200 pages → {{TOC Obsežna kategorija}}

Usage[uredi kodo]


Predloga nima parametrov.

Na straneh kategorij, lahko vključite {{CatAutoTOC}} tja kamor želite, da se izpiše TOC.

V glavah kategorij, ja najbprimernejše mesto izven označevalcev <includeonly></includeonly>, taka da se predloga lahko kategorizira avtomatsko kot CatAutoToc.

Sledilne kategorije[uredi kodo]

CatAutoToc učinek Strani %
Brez TOC 3.398 88,93 %
standardna {{Kategorija TOC}} 332 8,69 %
{{TOC Obsežna kategorija}} 91 2,38 %
Skupaj 3.821
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Vsaka stran, ki uporablja to predlogo je kategorizirana v eno izmed treh sledilnih kategorij:

Predloge, ki vključujejo {{CatAutoTOC}} so kategorizirane v

... ampak le če so vključene izven označevalcev <noinclude></noinclude>

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Bugi[uredi kodo]

This template uses the magic word {{PAGESINCATEGORY}} to count the number of pages in the category. Unfortunately, this function can return wildly erroneous results on some categories which have had many pages added and removed.

This bug is well-known, and has been documented in several places since 2010, including:

In the overwhelming majority of categories, the count is recorded accurately enough to support use of this template. However, as of 1 April 2002, there seems to be some issue with {{PAGESINCATEGORY}} falsely returning zero in some cases. This is now tracked in:

The category should contain only pages labelled as "empty". Osveži to stran za sovežitev zneska

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