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Usage[uredi kodo]

{{Cases in 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic|confirmed}} → 4.116.767[1]

Value Parameter name Output value
Confirmed cases confirmed 4.116.767[1]
Rounded cases conroundno 4.110.000[1]
Rounded cases in millions conround 4,11 milijonov[1]
Confirmed deaths deaths 282.872[1]
Rounded deaths dround 282.000[1]
Rounded deaths in thousands droundt 282 tisoč[1]
Confirmed recoveries recovered 1.418.017[1]
Rounded recoveries recround 1,41 milijonov[1]
Active cases active 2.415.878[1]
Rounded active cases actroundno 2.410.000[1]
Rounded active cases in millions actround 2,41 million[1]
Death-to-case ratio ratio 6,9%[1]
Date updated date 11. maj 2020[1]
Time updated time 09:20 UTC[1]
Territories territories 187[1]

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Reference[uredi kodo]

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TemplateData[uredi kodo]

Ability to display confirmed, active, and recovered cases, territories affected, and deaths from SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 with date and time of last update with the ability to specify whether to display reference or edit-link in superscript

Parametri predloge

Za to predlogo se uporablja postavitev parametrov v eni vrstici.

Data to return1

Which data should be returned? (confirmed, deaths, recovered, active, territories, conround, dround, recround, actround, conroundno, droundt, recroundt, actroundno, ratio, date, time)

Edit linkeditlink

Should an edit link be displayed? Suppressed by default (off), type "yes" to show an edit link


Should a reference be displayed? Displays ref by default, type "no" to suppress ref which is suggested when using date or time data