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Bližnjice pravil:
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This is the {{bližnjica pravil}} template. This template should be used instead of the standard {{bližnjica}} template within individual sections of policy pages to which readers are redirected without seeing the {{policy}} notice at the top of the page.

Usage, examples and anchors[uredi kodo]

This template works in the same way as the {{bližnjica}} template, see the full documentation there. The template can take up to ten (10) shortcuts as parameters.

{{bližnjica pravil |WP:KRATKO |WP:KRATKO |WP:KRATKO <!-- up to 12 -->}}

Additional parameter[uredi kodo]

This template has one additional parameter.

|float=left makes this template flow to the left of the page instead:

{{bližnjica pravil |float=left |WP:KRATKO }}
Bližnjice pravil:

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