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Uporaba[uredi kodo]

Predloga {{as of}} se uporablja za označitev datumskih vrednost. TA predloga naj se ne substituira.

This template MUST NOT be used in infoboxes which emit a microformat, as its emitted date markup will conflict with that.

This template does not generate a visible hyperlink in text where it is used.

Syntax[uredi kodo]

The template can be used in the following forms:

{{As of|year}}
{{As of|year|month}}
{{As of|year|month|day}}

Please do not use {{As of|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|{{CURRENTMONTH}}}} or similar; that defeats the point of the template.

Several additional named parameters can also be used (see below).

Parameters[uredi kodo]


  • year (first parameter) – must be in full numerical format (yyyy)


  • month (second parameter) – full, abbreviated or numerical formats supported (mm recommended)
  • day (third parameter) – numerical format only, not included in link (dd)


  • alt – optional; allows substitution of different wording and case for the visible text output; if present but no value defined, this parameter is ignored; if a value is defined, values for df and lc parameters are ignored
  • df – optional; allows use of American date format with df=US
  • lc – optional; gives lower case "as of date" when defined; recommended syntax is lc=y
  • url – optional; adds an inline external link (hidden by default) suggesting a webpage for future editors to check for updates to the statement; use the full URL with no spaces. See Wikipedia:As of for displaying links.

Primeri[uredi kodo]

{{As of|2010}} – Od 2010
{{As of|2010|7}} – Od julij 2010
{{As of|2010|7|5}} – Od 5. julij 2010 (2010 -07-05)
{{As of|2010|4|1|alt=aod [[popis 2010]]}} – od popis 2010
{{As of|2010|7|5|df=US}} – Od 5. julij 2010 (2010 -07-05)
{{As of|2010|7|5|lc=y}} – od 5. julij 2010 (2010 -07-05)
{{As of|2010|7|url=}} izpiše:
za prijavljene uporabnike bo izpisana povezava – Od julij 2010[ref]
za vse ostale uporabnike – Od julij 2010

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