Predloga:10 let ikona

Ta uporabnik je urejal Wikipedijo najmanj deset let.
Iz Wikipedije, proste enciklopedije

Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

This template is not blank — it adds a little icon in the top-right corner. See?

By default, the template also adds your username to Category:Members of the Ten Year Society of Wikipedia editors.

Usage[uredi kodo]

Place {{10 Year topicon}} anywhere on your user page.

  • height – Uses a different height for the images. Default is 20.
  • nocat – Specifying "yes" disables the automatically added category (default = no).
  • sortkey – If you use more than one top icon, you can specify this one's sort order within the group using a numerical argument to the sortkey parameter.
  • width – Uses a different width for the images. Default is 24.

|width= and |height= are restrictive, meaning when one parameter is not set explicitly, the default acts as a maximum, even if the other parameter is set higher. To increase the overall size, both must be specified.

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