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<br>Za konec še najpomembnejše: želim ti veliko volje, veselja in uspehov pri delu! — {{#if:— [[Uporabnik:Yerpo|Yerpo]] <sup>[[Uporabniški pogovor:Yerpo|Ha?]]</sup> 18:40, 22. marec 2015 (CET)|— [[Uporabnik:Yerpo|Yerpo]] <sup>[[Uporabniški pogovor:Yerpo|Ha?]]</sup> 18:40, 22. marec 2015 (CET)}}
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== Invitation ==
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[[File:Gummi Bears in Action 39.JPG|alt=A gummi bear holding a sign that says "Thank you"|thumb|Thank you for using [[:mw:VisualEditor/Portal|VisualEditor]] and sharing your ideas with the developers.]]
Hello, Dasek123,
The [[:mw:Editing|Editing team]] is asking for your help with VisualEditor. I am contacting you because you may have tried to use VisualEditor before. Please tell them what they need to change to make VisualEditor work well for you. The team has a list of [[phab:project/board/1015/|top-priority problems]], but they also want to hear about small problems. These problems may make editing less fun, take too much of your time, or be as annoying as a [[:en:Paper cut|paper cut]]. The Editing team wants to hear about and try to fix these small things, too. 
'''You can share your thoughts [https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_54k8qFPuloXjEq1 by clicking this link].''' You may respond to this quick, simple, anonymous survey in your own language. If you take the survey, then you agree your responses may be used in accordance with [http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Feedback_privacy_statement these terms]. This survey is powered by Qualtrics and their use of your information is governed by their [http://www.qualtrics.com/privacy-statement/ privacy policy].
More information (including a translateable list of the questions) is posted on wiki at [[:mw:VisualEditor/Survey 2015]]. If you have questions, or prefer to respond on-wiki, then please leave a message on [[:mw:Talk:VisualEditor/Survey 2015|the survey's talk page]].
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Thank you, [[:en:User:Whatamidoing (WMF)|Whatamidoing (WMF)]] [[:en:User talk:Whatamidoing (WMF)|(talk)]] 20:12, 26. marec 2015 (CET)
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