Pogovor:Wilhelm von Tegetthoff

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    Willhelm von Tegetthoff wear never the title of a baron or Freiherr, also he could have got the permission , because he was a knight of the Order of Maria Theresia. But never did. He was although not an Admiral but a Viceadmiral like his predecessors. Later on thre were also Admirals and Grandadmirals.--Hamilkar1893 (pogovor) 14:34, 21. avgust 2014 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]

    Tole sporočilo na žalost ni razumljivo. Bi napisal raje v slovenščini? — Yerpo Ha? 14:36, 21. avgust 2014 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]