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Galerija[uredi kodo]

Prestavljeno iz Uporabniški pogovor:Yerpo

Wikipedia: Images has a template for inserting galleries, the only rule is >>>>>

"Excessively large galleries in the articles are not desirable. Presenting a large number of multimedia content is intended for collection."

It does not say "NO GALLLERIES", in the case of the article Ninjas the gallery was not excessive as there is no text. It is a very poorly written article with NO REFERENCES, are there not rules on including references in an article? Maybe you should concentrate your efforts on the article instead of reverting my edits. Go take a look at how articles are written on other Wikipedia's so you will learn something, galleries are used to illustrate the main subject of an article since there in no information for a reader in this article the images I added will help any reader and are not excessiveSamuraiantiqueworld 19:53, 31. december 2011 (CET)

The gallery you want to add is inappropriate for several reasons:
  1. it's not used to illustrate the main subject of the article, but one tiny aspect of it. As such, it's misleading.
  2. it contains an unorganized collection of random images connected to that tiny aspect of the article's subject. As such, it misleads even further.
  3. considering the page's length, it's huge and transforms the whole thing into a gallery with some caption on top. Wikipedia is a collection of articles, not captioned galleries.
If you're so concerned about the state of the article, you're welcome to add some content (in Slovene) and references. The lack of content or references doesn't mean that anything goes in respect to it. As for my efforts, if I ever wanted your advice on where to concentrate them, you will be the first to know. — Yerpo Ha? 20:16, 31. december 2011 (CET)