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I wish to use the file "slika:Skoromati hrusica.jpg|Skoromati hrusica.jpg" in the Swedish version of Wikipedia. As far as I understand, there was a discussion whether this picture should be erased from Wikipedia or not, but it is still in the article about Škoromati in the Slovene version of Wikipedia. I, therefore, wonder why I cannot use it in the Swedish version?

Usually, when it comes to pictures from the Slovene version of Wikipedia, I can just change "slika" to "file", to make the picture usuable in the Swedish version, but not in this case.

Thanks in advance for an explanation!

Lep pozdrav iz Švedske,

Ric18Ek, 11:45, 2 May, 2014 (CET)

Živjo, the image has not (yet) been uploaded to the common multimedia repository, that's why you can't use it directly. I can't find the discussion you're talking about, the work was merely labelled as lacking basic data, later the data was filled in and the label removed. However, it looks like the uploader just took the image from somebody else and so the license looks suspicious, which is why I'll have to label it again as problematic, unfortunately. — Yerpo Ha? 11:51, 2. maj 2014 (CEST)
Živjo,in hvala za odgovor! OK, that is really a pity! It is a very good picture that would fit a description of Slovene carnival traditions. I refered to the discussion under the picture. Perhaps the actual author can be asked upload the picture, if you can find out who it is? So it is not David Vatovec? 23:25, 2. maj 2014 (CET)