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These pages use one or more formatting templates incorrectly. They have been added to this category through {{FormattingError}}. Any page listed here should either do so on purpose (eg. the {{Val/testniprimeri}} page) or be fixed as soon as possible. You should be able to easily identify the errors on each page by looking for a red error message. Each formatting error is marked using an anchor, so you can also find the first formatting error on the page by typing #FormattingError at the end of the URL (eg. Predloga:val/testniprimeri#FormattingError). This can be made easy by creating a bookmark in your browser for "javascript:void(location+='#FormattingError');", which can be used on any page to scroll to the error. Please make sure the page is gone from the list after your fix - there may be more than one error!

Incorrect category assignment[uredi | uredi kodo]

Pages can sometimes show up in this category incorrectly. For unknown reasons, if a page has had a FormattingError in the past, it may continue to be reported as being in this category, even after the problem has been fixed. A way to temporarily fix this issue is to do a Wikipedia:null edit; edit the page in question, don't make any change, and save the page as is. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the page will re-appear after a few minutes. This is probably caused by a bug in MediaWiki, which will be reported en hopefully fixed soon.

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