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Usage[uredi kodo]

This template is intended to simplify entering 2002 Census population information in the articles about Russian administrative divisions and inhabited localities. The template automatically references the data to the appropriate source, so make sure that the number you are entering into the template matches that source. The reference can be re-used elsewhere in the text. The name of the reference is "PopCensus".


Bolded parameters are mandatory; italicized parameters are optional.

  • First unnamed parameter: population recorded by the 2002 population Census
  • punct or second unnamed parameter: trailing punctuation sign. There is no trailing punctuation sign by default.
  • Default output:
{{Ru-census2002|22321}} → 22.321 (2002 Census)[1]
  • Use custom punctuation:
{{Ru-census2002|22321|punct=;}} → 22.321 (2002 Census);[1]
Things to remember

Make sure that the article using this template contains a reference section. If it is not there, add the following at the bottom of the article:


It will produce the following: